What Happens When Kids Hook Their Moms Up To Lie Detectors

What Happens When Kids Hook Their Moms Up To Lie Detectors

Mother’s Day: the one day a year when we put our selfishness aside and turn the spotlight on Mom. Or in this case – strap her to a lie detector and bombard her with uncomfortable questions.

Producer: Scott Rogowsky
Cameras: Dan Moraru, Rafael Moses
Editor: Dan Moraru
Animation: Russell Wyner
PA: Dylan Tanella

Polygraph examination provided by Dan Ribacoff (International
Investigative Group, Ltd.)

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20 Responses

  1. James Cowan says:



  2. Square Tins says:

    That has to be the dumbest reply I’ve seen all year. Congrats.

  3. Josue De La Torre says:

    1:41 the dude sounds like Charlamagne

  4. Zistiq 902 says:

    Something made me thing of your channels today. 2 bucks are you really

  5. zer00rdie says:

    Orange mom just won the internet over!

  6. Snighter21 says:

    IDC!! Im a still faithfull guy to you distractify!! <3

  7. atube4view says:

    Just here to see boobies!

  8. Paul Dunn says:

    1:50 they both would get pounded 



  10. Arran Williamson says:

    Ur back

  11. mjeeded says:

    Lie Detector is a myth . the government wont just throw it away if it was

  12. Hype Lyrics says:

    They should ask who there real father is. 

  13. Sevda Yskovich says:

    He’s back!

    Oh wait.

  14. darigan11 says:

    Dude at the end though lmfaoo 

  15. jack tollitt says:

    It makes sense if u were fighting copy right trolls but how does it take
    that long and I really miss the old channel… Really what the hell HAPPEND
    can u explain

  16. chaseibew1687 says:

    sex questions for your mom weird!

  17. lachlan neasham says:


  18. MoruQsmusiiic says:

    HE’S BACK!! 

  19. Beau Gaecke says:


  20. Foo Xuan liang says:

    When did i subscribe to buzzfeed? Is youtube hacking us? Oh wait… it is
    just distractify turning to buzzfeed.