What Happens When You Faint?

What Happens When You Faint?

Why do we faint? Because sometimes, your nervous system just doesn’t know what to do with itself.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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19 Responses

  1. Lucy Lyttle says:

    +AIDS Do you?

  2. Scott Boyd says:

    What are heart flutters? You know, when your just sitting or doing
    something and your heart just feels like it has a little flurry.

  3. marko gabriel says:

    +ryan ramos i’ve never fainted … but you’re still ignorant

  4. ryan ramos says:

    +marko gabriel pussy

  5. zetsumeinaito says:

    I almost faint everytime I stand. Been that way since highschool when I
    reached 6’4″. Black creeps in from the edge of my vision till I’m blind.
    Body starts tingling and shaking, then in the worst cases when I can’t
    recover from it fast, I hit the ground. Such is life~

  6. Ariel Endsley says:

    I love it! Thank you, FAN FROM SINGAPOREEE! :D

  7. Stu VS says:

    Well, it’s the home of someone who’s asked an interesting question! The
    Vagus nerves and functions are fascinating to me.

  8. Jerry Read says:

    Hey Scishow, I have a great topic respond with before 3 days or I will
    contact Vsauce.

  9. Josh Abbott says:

    I feinted after going down a steep snowy hill on a sledge. As I feinted my
    dad caught me and didn’t let me hit the floor and carried me back to the
    car. I was still conscious enough to see everything, everything was
    dark/grey but I lost all control of my limbs. The doctor said that I could
    still see because I didn’t hit the floor and that my dad should have laid
    me down immediately and allowed me body to “reset it’s self”. Is this true?

  10. Leonard Susskind's War says:

    I have an autonomic nervous system disorder called Postural Orthostatic
    Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), so when I stand up too quickly, my ANS doesn’t
    send the correct signals to the vasculature in my lower body to clamp down
    and maintain my blood pressure. My heart rate shoots up as a result,
    sometimes up to the 130-140s, with BP in 60s/40s. I fell flat on my face
    one day when I fainted. Not a fun disease, and ESPECIALLY not during the

  11. Ariane Gerard says:

    I fainted because of dehydration once. That was an experience.

  12. SakemeRoze says:

    I would like this just for the “fan from Singapooorrreee”

  13. romero1337 says:

    This series is great, i learn something new and interesting everyday. Keep
    up the good work SciShow!

  14. AntimatePcCustom says:

    you guys should look into thorium salt reactors. and tell a little about
    it! 😀
    from the fan from Denmaaaaark! :D

  15. Hilmo Hilmic says:

    Recently I have fainted after I tried to be a badass and fix my broken arm,
    all by myself. I did somehow manage to fix it (after one or two takes) but
    suddenly I felt sick and dizzy. Next thing I know is my brother wakening me
    up and bunch of people around me. He looked very, very scared (he said that
    I started suffocating – my tongue blocked my throat – and that I have
    closed my mouth with such a strong bite that he was not able to open it).
    But the weirdest thing was that I felt so strange – nothing mattered to me,
    I was so calm, so peaceful. I felt the tranquility, and I was, if you can
    say so, very happy ಠ_ಠ. Then suddenly reality stroke back and I realized in
    how dangerous position I was…

  16. Matt “Danger” Goorahoo says:

    How about the science of being knocked out!!!

  17. Sardi Pax says:

    Thanks Hank. It might have been interesting to hear about exactly why you
    lose consciousness (brain protecting itself I believe).

  18. bjmben88 says:

    I used to do martial arts so the only passed out people I’ve seen are the
    people I’ve choked unconscious (which is fun and uses a similiar
    mechanism). Still interesting though.

  19. Houssien Fardous says:

    What is that white spot on our fingernails and why does it occur