What I learned from President Obama – Smarter Every Day 151

What I learned from President Obama – Smarter Every Day 151

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Political Polarization: http://www.people-press.org/2014/06/12/political-polarization-in-the-american-public/

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PID controller block diagram modified from one made by TravTigerEE on Wikipedia

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20 Responses

  1. Sam Diprose says:

    First scene filmed at 3:25am and last was filmed after 10:10am. That is
    crazy commitment and proves work = success. (I love your clock)

  2. Elijah Lee says:

    “most powerful man in the world” seems very USA-centric, maybe he is, but I
    don’t know how we can say that.

  3. Danny Ma says:

    Have you read How to win friends and influence others by Dale Carnegie? The
    book brings insight into the matter of listening to others as you discussed
    in this video.

  4. Bogdan Bulatovic says:

    The most powerful man on the planet is Putin

  5. Hosam Madani says:

    amazing !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Damien West says:

    jedi mind tricks…

  7. 3006USMC says:

    Complete waste of time

  8. M3anBIMMER says:

    worst president ever

  9. Phil Steadman says:

    So cool! What an honour!

  10. Skyfire Jay says:

    Just brilliant. Loved your portion of the interview!

  11. Trevor Smith says:

    Great video way to be respectful. Love the slide rule at the end.

  12. Alex N says:

    about the only thing one can learn from president Obama is how to cry on TV

  13. Henry Edmonds says:

    It’s always a joy to see your enthusiasm for science, I’m glad to see you
    have the same energy here. We likely differ on politics and religion, but
    we’re all lost without people who are prepared to think beyond their first

  14. Gun Sense (drmaudio) says:

    Just finished watching. You did a nice job with that.

  15. Joseph Whitt says:

    Awesome work, Destin. Keep it up.

  16. TateFaulkner says:

    I believe President Obama is a very good man, but was not qualified to be
    President. One of the most important skills of a President has to be
    getting things done through negotiation above all else, not kicking your
    feet like the petulant children on Youtube whenever someone disagrees with
    you, and he failed on that point, and the country has suffered because of

  17. RelatedGiraffe says:

    I love how you got to interview the president and how Henry’s video was
    featured on the presidential debate. Good work and congratulations to both
    of you!

  18. ollie999d says:

    thumbs up for being a theist?…..if i knew what a theist was…

  19. Turk Sandwich says:

    Is anyone surprised he liked the “Obamium” question? The man is a
    narcissist, and it played into his ego. Please note, many would react the
    same way, Trump included.