What if haters dab back? (YIAY #349)

What if haters dab back? (YIAY #349)

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20 Responses

  1. Esad Idil says:

    #Yiayregret subscribing and watch ur videos jk. It’s not killing my teacher

  2. Leonor Távora says:

    #yiayregret not me but I know this guy who had an affair with James Reynolds’ wife, his wife’s sister found out and he’s never gon’ be president now

  3. Osama Dalmar says:

    #YIAYregret I actually never watched the emoji movie

  4. GreenTACO 04 says:

    Find the difference

  5. Mayed Tunaiji says:

    My biggest regret is you, John.

  6. IllusionzGaming says:

    #YIAYregret Having no friends

  7. God says:

    #YIAYregret I regret nothing. Life is too short for regrets. We can only learn from our mistakes and move forward. Lingering on the past and asking “what if” is no way to live your life, famsquad.

  8. PickleMage says:

    #YIAYregret not watching the emoji movie enough times in theatres

  9. Stavros6184 says:

    #YIAYregret wasting bleach on laundry instead of drinking it

  10. Sugie Msp says:

    #yiayregret I don’t know JOHN what do YOU regret?

  11. Maxjk0 says:

    Not seeing the emoji movie on release date #YIAYregret

  12. Madeira Miller says:

    #YIAYregret eating 41 cinnamon flavored mints in one sitting

  13. Dalton Joyner says:

    Subscribing to jacks films

  14. amand.a.a.a says:

    Subscribing to Jacksfilms #YAIYregret

  15. Richard Levin says:

    Not getting featured on today’s yiay

  16. Wolfmeme says:

    I regret subscribing to this channel.

    I also regret not committing suicide at an earlier point in life.

  17. Limesterman says:

    #yiayregret watching Jake Paul

  18. venezuela says:

    Agreeing with the voices, now they won’t leave us alone #yiayregret

  19. Chloe Merriman says:

    #YIAYregret subscribing to Jacksfilms

  20. snoopy-girl Ring says:

    #YIAY that i Subscribe your channel

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