What Is Deodorant Really Doing To Your Body?

What Is Deodorant Really Doing To Your Body?

Most of us use it everyday, but do we know how it works? What does deodorant do to our bodies?

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How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smelled Bad
“In the 1910s deodorants and antiperspirants were relatively new inventions. The first deodorant, which kills odor-producing bacteria, was called Mum and had been trademarked in 1888, while the first antiperspirant, which thwarts both sweat-production and bacterial growth, was called Everdry and launched in 1903.”

Antiperspirant use and the risk of breast cancer
“The rumor that antiperspirant use causes breast cancer continues to circulate the Internet. Although unfounded, there have been no published epidemiologic studies to support or refute this claim. This population-based case- control study investigated a possible relationship between use of products applied for underarm perspiration and the risk for breast cancer in women aged 20-74 years.”

The effect of habitual and experimental antiperspirant and deodorant product use on the armpit microbiome
“The human armpit has long been noted to host a high biomass bacterial community, and recent studies have highlighted substantial inter-individual variation in armpit bacteria, even relative to variation among individuals for other body habitats. One obvious potential explanation for this variation has to do with the use of personal hygiene products, particularly deodorants and antiperspirants.”

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20 Responses

  1. Checkered Tiles says:

    Whoah!, im so early

  2. adtc says:

    I don’t use any deo. I smell gooood

  3. Little Strobe Light says:

    I’ve never used deodorant before and no one has ever complained. Maybe it’s
    because I just shower twice a day.

  4. Sanaa Abed says:

    Fun fact:
    large population of south korea dont have smelly armpits, so they dnt sell
    deoderents there.

  5. Raphael Motta says:

    I´ve heard about how the alumnium form the inside of the Deodorant
    recipient can poison you. Is there any evidence on that?

  6. Russell Robinson says:

    It was pretty hard to find antiperspirant or deodorant in Korea. Seems like
    most people there don’t use it


    my earwax is dry

  8. xFersureMatt says:

    can we smell our own body odor? I barely ever put deo on bcs I never smell
    bad under my pits and I do have dry ear wax whenever I rarely have ear wax.
    I just now am hoping I don’t smell bad to others bcs I could never smell
    bad to myself

  9. evildead2002 says:

    Never used a can in my life, it stinks.
    Still use perfume though.

  10. RockShoulder says:

    I was not listening, did that lady have the Benjamin buttons illness

  11. My Profile Picture is a Cat says:

    screw that I am still wearing deodorant

  12. Avinash Jagdeo says:

    I don’t need any deodorant though everybody else seem to disagree.

  13. Lolo Bond says:

    This is what you get when old mfs create content for millennials. This was
    fucking painful.

  14. Siyavush Abdullaev says:

    dis video is too long. I am lazy to watch it. good bye

  15. jas chail says:

    I can’t be asked to watch the video, should I or should I not wear

  16. livefromhollywood194 says:

    I’ve gotten back from a 10 mile run, dripping in sweat, and people tell me
    I’m STILL not stinky. My clothes get stinky with dried sweat before I do.

  17. Crashing Videos says:

    deodorant poisoning our body day by day !

  18. Donald Trump says:

    Visit my wall and i’ll sell cheap deoderant its affordable for the avarage
    wall climber.

  19. XxgamerxX GG (FabulousPath720) says:

    Next people are going to say that clothes are killing us

  20. Dexter Williams says:

    Asians don’t have this problem. I’m black but I take my red pills. I
    suggest you people to as well.