What Is PREGNANCY Doing To My BODY?!

What Is PREGNANCY Doing To My BODY?!

Pregnancy is doing some strange things to my body and skin. I show a few changes to my face that I’m nervous about. We see a “shooting star” and have a blast in the hot tub!
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23 Responses

  1. Nicole Barton says:

    Early today. Yay. Love u guys.

  2. Jamie.Photo says:

    SO CUTE how Calvin follows you around 😍

  3. Lindsey Wilkinson says:

    You are gorgeous Ellie!!

  4. Samiha Ali says:


  5. what a life says:

    I’m early yaaay I’m excited to watch the video

  6. The AJ Family Vlogs says:

    Hot tub with the cousins sounds like an awesome idea!

  7. The AJ Family Vlogs says:

    Loved the penny footage!

  8. Nicole Barton says:

    Loved the drone shots today while Jared was walking penny. Awesome.

  9. Nico Alcock autism special kid says:

    Who love this adorable family?

  10. Darlene Smith says:

    Happiness EXPLOSION VLOG!!!! THANKS…LOVED IT! Drone shots–SPECTACULAR! Call views like that, Gods paint brush at its best! 🙂 Ellie–when my skin did that with my pregnancies, I stopped wearing makeup for a week or so and washed and moisturized twice a day–IT ALWAYS HELPED LOTTTTTS! Sorry but I know you would agree–it’s ALL worth that miracle in your arms!! 🙂 Have a blessed week….see ya Wednesday! 💛💛

  11. the fun house says:

    Ellie hope your skin is okay you’re still beautiful

  12. TLife Daily Vlogs says:

    OH Jared, I know that canyon. 😉

  13. The K&J Way says:

    The editing on this vlog was on point! Calvin is such a cutie I can’t get enough!!

  14. TLife Daily Vlogs says:

    LOL, did you just have a trip out moment after kicking the ball. At lesat a little dizzy from all those spins. 🙂

  15. Emma Tarbox says:

    These edits are so incredible and hilarious 😂

  16. Katie Fountain says:

    Best Dad joke – How do you find Will Smith in the snow?
    — Look for fresh prints
    I crack up every time at that!!!

  17. Earls Family Vlogs says:

    Pregnancy definitely does some weird things to your body, I had so many weird things happening haha. Hope you get the spot figured out!

  18. Lil Gee Family says:

    Editing on point 💯

  19. Stephanie Pimentel says:

    Jared looks really good with a baseball cap on !

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