What Is Schizophrenia Like?

What Is Schizophrenia Like?

The only way to learn about schizophrenia is to talk about schizophrenia

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79 Responses

  1. Adam Mcintyre says:

    *any smaller youtubers wanna be friends??❤️❤️?*

  2. Shy Fie says:

    *They are so brave to talk about this <3 I love it!*

  3. CobaltBob says:

    Every time I consider doing something about my schizophrenia, I talk myself out of it.

    • Nora Steiner says:

      You are worth all the help that is available. Healing is a process. It is hard but even if you are afraid of not fully recovering you can get better.

    • Anna Johnson says:

      As someone who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and finds it extremely difficult not to go along with the voices and delusions I can say I know how hard it is. In my experience I struggle to differentiate between the voices and my own thoughts virtually all of the time. Even though I’m speaking as someone who has been on medication and therapy for years and feel like I haven’t gotten very far, please believe me that finding professional help is such an important step to getting better. If I never did I think I would have lost all hope by now. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. You are not alone

    • Anna Johnson says:

      Rachel Star Withers has a great youtube channel on dealing with schizophrenia. She’s inspiring. It also has stunt videos on the side

    • sloth lovers unite says:

      CobaltBob oh- OH

    • Marie Bach says:

      There’s always the hope that like John Nash you will one day be free and healthy again. All the best and stay strong!

  4. Nerea García Suárez says:

    Hy, please like this comment❤️❤️❤️?

  5. Mike ADHD says:

    My dad was skitzo, my mom had epilepsy. I was adopted. My adopted parents died. Now I rap about it.

  6. literally a loser says:

    Is it bad that Schizophrenia seems sorta fun after this?

    • BriEva13 says:

      I think it would only be considered “fun” if the voices and hallucinations are positive instead of negative. There are people around the world who have extremely positive voices telling them good things about themselves like “you’re beautiful”, “you can do this”, and other things.
      But then you have to think. Does this make the people suffering from this overly confident? Make them think they can do anything and take extreme health risks because they can do anything.
      Yeah, it’s gotta be fun then. Until those risks make them think they can climb a cliff without support or ropes.
      Whether the voices are negative or positive, the hallucinations good or bad it is never gonna be fun.

    • Levana Hadad says:

      yes very bad. mental illnesses are not fun whatsoever

    • Ada Bergstrom says:


  7. lil waddlin penguin says:

    Oh wow I had no idea

  8. Infinite Athletics says:

    This is awesome! Very informational!

  9. Lee Sol Sabagi says:

    I can not think of myself going through life with Schizophrenia. Thinking of how brave their family members are in some term terrifies me. This is just amazing what people deal with, gives whole new proportions.

  10. Paula Smith says:

    I have never been diagnosed. I hear voices my doctors say I’m manic depressive. Thank you for this I’m in tears because this is my life every day! The horrible comments about me telling me to do horrible things. I have two kids I don’t need this loud mind. I just want silence. Thank you for this. You’ve made this crazy person feel better xx

  11. Robin Stewart- Hinojos says:

    I cannot finish this video.. My anxiety kicked in super bad… ?

  12. Adam Zeroual says:

    I hear voices a few months ago and im 11, is that ok?

    • Adam Zeroual says:

      AllyMonsters also my mom has schizophrenia too

    • Fatima Baqer says:

      Pay attention to any auditory or visual hallucinations , if you notice anything write it down like how many voices you hear, any commands, familiar voices and visit a doctor Asap ..
      don’t worry or stress out , sometimes headphones or video games can cause such thing..
      I hope it’s nothing serious ???

    • Fatima Baqer says:

      Adam Zeroual in this case if its happen again you have to visit a psychiatrist to be safe

    • Lara Bozic says:

      Adam Zeroual teenagers are more likely to have schizophrenia since they’re in world that consist out of deppression, drugs, crowded spaces that they don’t like and a lot of stress.

      For me personaly I might have it right now. I’ve been deppressed since the school started and the stress just kept building. I started cutting myself. I knew that wasn’t an option to help me through. From what my schoolmates were talking to me I always felt down. Like noone would make me feel good about myself. They were ignoring me. From what they said to me the words just stayed in my mind, always repeating.
      ‘You’re fat. Noone likes you ’cause you’re different. Why are you always wearing black?’ Were the words.

      One day I just broke up…
      I started yelling to voices to stop but noting happened. Huh, silly me. How could I get rid of them? I couldn’t. That happened at night and I woke up my parents. They stormed into the room to check out on me. They were asking me like “Are you okay?” and “Did someone hurt you?” I told them everything the same night. Every single piece.

      I’m going to se psychiatrist next week.

      P.S. I don’t like lieing so I didn’t lie. Take this as a real thing.

    • AllyMonsters says:

      That’s far from Schizophrenia. It’s non-stop., and almost never nice. Unlikely it will be one voice, and all will be familiar to you.

  13. XxRo&EmxX says:

    This is terrifying

  14. Lolita says:

    my mum has schizophrenia she always used to tell us people were coming after us and are going to kill her and we needed to get away and other times shed think me and my sister always talked bad about her behind her back or right in front of her and so she’d get angry and start this big fight….also all my childhood was her saying to me ” I know you hate me” I didnt understand because I didnt but she said it so much to the point where I believed it….we dont have family frieds anymore because she thinks theyre out to get her and I cant invite friends over because theyre also out to get her and one time I dont remeber what year but she stopped me and siblings from going out for about a year, we lost all our friends and everyone, we were close to….we didnt know she was schizophrenic and that she had medication she was supposed to be taking i think we were just too young…but god knows i live my life so afraid that ill get it ….its caused me so much trauma that i wont allow myself to make close friends ..im 17 im the oldest

    • Megan Baggins says:

      I wish you all the strenght you need for this. I know how traumatizing it can be to have parents with a strong mental illness.
      You have to grow up a lot earlier than others to deal with it, but it will turn you into a person with very thick skin. Just don’t lose your happiness, love and hope.♡

    • Karen Arguello says:

      Marta P.m you CANNOT say that they shouldnt have children because my mom has schizo and she was healthy when she had me and my siblings. You can’t judge because they dont kow what theyre saying

    • Rachel Dyche says:

      Lolita I feel your pain, my dad has schizophrenia. It is very scary sometimes to have him say or do what he does. He didn’t take his medicine for a few days and he got paranoid. He thought someone was trying to hack us, he started ripping cords to everything electronic. Saying that the government can hear everything we say. I’m only 13 and it is a lot to handle sometimes.

    • hannah vaverka says:

      I’m really sorry about your experiences. Only thing you can do is survive by doing the best you can to help your mom not freak out. She will need to take her meds, and when she does let her know the consequences you fave when she doesn’t. Whenever you can be alone, go mediate, try talking to friends when you can, and go to therapy. Next step is figuring out how to live on your own. Good luck!

    • Xeidasx says:

      My mom has it too. I had similar growing up. I actually didn’t find out what it was until I was 15 when my aunt told me and my sister who was 21 at the time. My sister and I looked at each other and said “wow that makes sense”.
      My mom and dad never spoke of it. I knew my mom took pills but we never asked. It was always something that just was the way it is. After that we changed the way we treated our mom. Instead of when she yelled at us we would apologise and be polite instead of lashing out and confused why.
      I can’t believe she never told us and I had to find out from my aunt. I don’t know why my mom never told us or even my dad.

  15. Areina says:

    I played a game where the main character had schizophrenia. Couldn’t finish it because the voices gave me so much anxiety. I honestly have so much respect for schizophrenic people dealing with that kind of stress everyday. <3

  16. Milly Moo says:

    I don’t mind the buffer,
    I don’t mind the un-skippable ads,
    But when the un-skippable ads buffer,
    I suffer.

  17. Audrey Feng says:


  18. Nyko X says:

    Thanks for making a video like this. It’s really important that people stay educated

  19. Bella S says:

    I hear so many voices in my head but they are telling me the truth, if i follow them i’ll get good luck and if i didn’t follow them something bad always happen to me, i don’t know who’s talking to me

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