What It Feels Like To Lose My Hair

What It Feels Like To Lose My Hair

Losing my hair from Alopecia Areata was always unpredictable, but idea of shaving my head was a way to take control.

For more on Alopecia: https://www.naaf.org/alopecia-areata

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20 Responses

  1. Mya E says:

    I love this so much

  2. liz02498biz says:

    you look so beautiful. you’re so brave because a lot of people would
    continue with the pain forever but you just took control and changed it.
    with a wig you looked so lively. without it you look like you should be in
    a fashion magazine. you have a nice head shape like your guy said. you’re
    inspiring. good luck :)

  3. Saracles says:

    Good on you for taking control Becky!

  4. Karma says:

    In another video in which she tries to impress her crush she said she was
    17 and had never had a BF and now she says she does……. I’m confused I
    don’t like being confused

  5. mystery 101 says:

    I actually cried when she cut her hair

  6. VIPBJ21 says:

    she is so brave. wish her all the best.

  7. Sloths R Kool says:

    She actually looks so good bald

  8. Dimebag Darrell says:

    True skin head

  9. Sarah Ferguson says:

    You are absolutely beautiful and I admire you so much for your courage.

  10. Ayune Souza says:

    this was so precious <3

  11. Niki Raadersma says:

    I think its extremely brave of you and I wish you the best of luck ❤️?

  12. Mabel Free says:

    A girl in my year has chronic alapeshia where she lost every single hair on
    her body. She missed 2 years of school due to Anxciety of being judged.
    Sooner on in her life her family for in touch with a wig spcicialist who
    gave her a beautiful hazel coloured hair that wasn’t plastic, but was made
    from real human hair. A year later she’d completed one year of school and
    made an assembly about her condition which made her boost her ego. So much
    much that ‘Good Morning Britain’ got in touch and said she could be on the
    show! I the whole school watched her and from then on she is a happy 11
    year old.

    I’m so proud of her.

  13. alina stallone says:

    This made me cry like crazy

  14. bitch perfect says:

    Becky is such a sweet girl – it was very brave of her to share this part of
    her life and show herself doing this. Actual #confidencegoals right there.
    I hope other people with this condition can find solace in the fact that
    they are not alone. There are more important things in life than your
    hairdo. You gotta keep looking at the bigger picture.

  15. Alex Gonzy says:

    what does she say in the end? it sounds like a different language ???

  16. Karen Fanuda says:

    You are incredibly brave. Sending lots of love you way❤️❤️❤️

  17. Afro Pastel says:

    oh so sad to hear you had to go thru this, hair is so important to a woman
    The bald look looks kinda cool tho!!
    And wigs are AWESOME you can change your style everyday! Become a new you
    everyday xD I have tons of it and i really enjoy it!

  18. Julia Welches says:

    He loves her so much. You can see it in his eyes 

  19. FallenDragon says:

    This is beautiful, I almost cried

  20. RedSparkles says:

    Beautiful message ☺️ but that wig nah ah. Get a better lace front girl