What It’s Like to Be Stung by a Murder Hornet

What It’s Like to Be Stung by a Murder Hornet

If there wasn’t enough to be worried about right now, you can add “murder hornets” to the list. The species of Asian giant hornets is responsible for killing dozens in Japan every year, and has been spotted in the United States for the first time. So what does it feel like to be bitten by one? Wildlife expert and “King of Sting” Coyote Peterson is known for letting animals bite him on his show “Brave Wilderness.” He let a murder hornet sting him, and said the pain was “momentous.”

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76 Responses

  1. These Eyes See Darkness Clearly says:

    Federal Government: “Okay everyone quarantine is easing up, you can come outside!”

    Murder Hornets: ” I dare you.”

  2. Papi Tre says:

    American’s reaction to everything rn is basically

    “But did you die tho?”

  3. Alana Marie says:

    Americans: Won’t stay inside … Government: Release the tracker jackers

    • Ashley Rawls says:

      Alana Marie “how did they treat this bite is what I’m concerned about , cuz he clearly ain’t dead but I’m sorry for anyone who is allergic “

    • Ollie Painter says:

      @Soham Sharma He wants the economy up because America cant take much of this any longer, you dolt. How the hell do your two points correlate?

    • DarkReNeGade93 says:

      The hornet is freaking huge it’s like the size of 10 bees. I will certainly be practicing social distancing from these motheruckers LOL.

    • 413_Trenton says:

      take em to court if this happens oh wait we cant cuz we quarentine

    • catrionaakacat says:

      And now the 76th Hunger Games begins… may the odds be ever in America’s favor 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Sure Enough says:

    “2020 is going to be a movie”, Yea, Jumanji 4 Into the real world

  5. Dayvonne Bishop says:

    everyone on quarantine : this is the worst

    killer hornets: allow me to introduce myself

  6. Ryan says:

    2020: Stay 6 feet away from people

    2020 Again: *Stay 600 feet away from the murder hornet*

  7. Shan says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t swear after experiencing such a tremendous pain whenever I stub my toe I swear so loud and act like I’m dying

  8. M.E. says:

    Guys it’s ok, if a Hornet gets near you just start coughing. It’ll go away.

  9. YSL Swiff says:

    COVID 19: *exists*

    Hornet: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

    • J says:

      What does this even mean… so tired of this unoriginal comment format that makes 0 sense. It’s not a joke, it has no punchline. It’s literally putting 2 things together and saying “im about to end this man’s career” Seriously what’s the funny part? It’s like, all the people who aren’t funny now have a comment template to get upvotes. I hate it, don’t do it anymore, if I personally know of anyone doing it imma kick you in the Adams apple, or just the throat if you’re female

    • Juuulian Cardenas says:

      @J what if im a female with an adams apple 😳

    • AT says:

      @J well, we all have some type of different humor. Like “I’m about to end this whole man’s career” comments make me laugh and that’s me. And you for the other side don’t find this funny, and that’s your opinion. I respect that. Just keep in mind we all have some type of diffrent humor.

    • Vikrant Singh says:

      Covid19 is a freelancer. It doesn’t have a career.

    • edward guillen says:

      J I agree with you, it’s probably 12 year old kids that say that corny ass meme

  10. Katie Wong says:

    Time traveller: what year is it?
    Person: 2020
    Time traveller: oh the first year of hell
    Person: wait- WHAT??!!

  11. Kid in blue tux says:

    I can’t even imagine that pain but the chancla has a way worse sting 😬

  12. Charles Rillera III says:

    Mother Nature: 2020 hasn’t been bad enough, let’s add some murder hornets lol

    • Seleste Amaya says:

      I like to say Mother Nature is just killing off the dumb people who can’t stay in their homes or in their property. This thinking is easier on me

    • DerpyDoge says:

      Seleste Amaya natural selection 💕

  13. Mindy’s World says:

    I’m already INSANELY scared of wasps and then this thing shows up-

  14. Meme Shorti says:

    New Yorkers: Let’s go to the park, cause this pandemic got nothing on us!
    Murder hornets: *_It’s time to reap what I don’t sow_*

  15. justandresx says:

    Imagine going back to 2019 and telling people all the crazy things that’ll happen in 2020… only for them to not believe you one single bit.

  16. jetbomber13 kpat says:

    I feel bad for the honey bees they can’t catch a break

  17. Amelia Eternity says:

    everyone stop saying 2020 can’t get any worse because it always ends up getting worse

  18. NPC376877392002 says:

    January: Iran
    Febuary – April: Corona virus
    May: Murder Hornets
    June: Alien invasion

  19. Victor Nguyen says:

    Trump – Hey Asia, Americans won’t stay inside…

    Japan – Say no more

  20. TofuSauce 39 says:

    You know hurts like crazy when it makes Coyote Peterson yell.

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