What just happened

What just happened

Intro; Ball out – been ballin- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTa204WsZB0

outro – chief keef – Citgo

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49 Responses

  1. Lenarr Young says:

    Lol Bruh yah act like I ain’t post in like a year , I stopped for like 2 weeks.

  2. HeadphoneZ says:

    He said “how im finna beat my meat bro?” 😂😂😂


    LMFAO ” So you broke into my house (with a gun) just to ask me a question?”💀

  4. Josh Jayy says:

    *How imma beat my meat?!?!?!?*

  5. Dena G says:

    Broooo Lenarr DADDY ASFFF 😍😍😍🙌😜🍫✨ nun but chocolate goodnesss 😝😝🙊🍫

  6. Anikin Rodriguez says:

    At least he kept the socks on man. I would hate to wake up and rub my eyes with a big toe and 4 more that get smaller.

  7. jatavius windham says:

    “i just came here to ask a question” i died on that part

  8. Jay B says:

    Damn the shit that be going on in my boy Lenars room is crazy. I swear there should be a documentary on what unfolds behind closed doors (meaning the outside). Installing a camera would be documented gold. I’m just saying. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. Mrlegitbeans says:

    my dude can i have some of what you’re having when you made this video.

  10. Swag_PlayZ says:

    Who else got the Fruit Salad Advertisement?

  11. Eugenio Santiago says:

    “how I’m gon’ beat ma meat bro” 😂😂😂

  12. Olivia Patrice says:

    My favorite YouTuber 😩😂

    • Woodenmoby - Funny Moments & Gameplay says:

      Olivia Patrice You might not care it’s my birthday but all I would like is loyal subscribers

  13. Pig Headass says:

    3:34 my man wanted no part of the situation 😂😂😂😂

  14. Dwight Senoj says:

    That fool said how I’m go beat my meat😂😂

    • Woodenmoby - Funny Moments & Gameplay says:

      Dwight Senoj You might not care it’s my birthday but all I would like is loyal subscribers

  15. Lun Hing says:

    Who’s Brittany lol 1:57

  16. Luxurious Koala says:

    Lenarr’s like to dislike ratio is actually insane

  17. william38500 says:

    Get out Part 2

  18. Name less says:

    Wait he said hands for feet and he got his foot on his hands, either way his feet would have ended up on his hands? the logic in this video is confusing. 🤔

  19. Briola Nugent says:


    Annnnddd this is why I’m… *NOT PLAYING THESE GAMES*

  20. Erica West says:

    I don’t answer would you rather questions because for some reason I think that they might come true and I picked some dumb shit…. thanks for making my nightmare come true😂😂

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