What To Do When Someone Parks in the Access Aisle

What To Do When Someone Parks in the Access Aisle

This is what happens when I’m asked to do a PSA…

Video sponsored by BraunAbility

Starring Zach Anner, Jordan Crowder, and Gregory Adam Wallace

Written by Zach Anner & Gillian Grassie
Produced and Directed by Gillian Grassie

Editor – Brad Anner
DP – Travis LaBella
B Cam Op – Taylor Harris
1st AC – Sam Hall
Gaffer – Max Erwin
Key Grip – Jon Gomez
Sound – Thomas Snodgrass
Production Coordinator – Alice Pearce
Production Assistant – Brian Harris

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43 Responses

  1. Devon Camille says:

    Hahahaha Zach you never fail to put a smile on my face

  2. JayKJester says:


  3. Joshua Boyce says:

    They should start putting poles in the front of the parkings that have enough space for a wheelchair to get through but prevent cars from parking there

    • ReportTheHackers says:

      +wheelie90 Live in California, problem solved.

    • Alden Zenko says:

      I recently learned those poles are called bollards, so now I have to tell everyone

    • Samreen Sandhu says:

      They exist. They are called Bollards

    • Caramel Queen says:

      wheelie90 Unless it was like a closed in area with a roof

    • Haley Vader says:

      +Caramel Queen only problem with that is some wheelchairs need a space almost the size of a small car to get through, also if a wheelchair fits between the poles a motorbike will aswell and sometimes depending on the wheelchair and whos in it they may need more room to maneuver to get out of the space. Why not just put those spaces either side of fire escapes the entrance and other things people know to stay away from. Or have those spaces on camera and have them towed, people will soon learn its not a parking spot

  4. Alex Storm says:

    Who needs Superman when you have a Jordan cape? Stay awesome Zach, and you too Jordan cape.

    • TechyBen says:

      Oh my… he did it. I had an idea about in inclusive Super hero story, very similar to that idea. Where is an artist when you need them!

  5. Brandon Curry says:

    I AM DOUBLE MAN!!!?‍??

  6. Kurt Wilkinson says:

    I’ve had people park in the accessible isle next to my van. It sucks! Thanks Zach!

  7. ricky gertzel says:

    Omg i cant stop laugh you are to funny Zach and that rap at the end was hot.

  8. little. says:

    Literally every old person at panera decides to park in those spots. Drives me nuts.

  9. TechyBen says:

    “Being stuck is just a perspective”. My motto for a long time now. 🙂

  10. Black Metal Grotto says:

    I’m a simple man, I see stripy lines, no matter the color, I don’t park there

  11. Apoctopi says:

    This is freaking hilarious “We’ll be at the beach getting sunburned nipples in NO TIME” lmao I’m dying

  12. Enraged Platypus says:

    Someone get Colin Furze to make a wheelchair ramp which can flip cars that park in the access aisle.

  13. Jerrell Harris says:

    DAMMIT JORDAN!!!! ???????? Zach you funny bro!!! Been watching you for years!!! Love brother

  14. Brandon Kutz says:

    This is the single best PSA I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I disturbed studying students at the library with my intense laughter.

  15. EbyKat says:

    At the clinic I work at it’s a lot of older people parking over the lines that cause this problem. It’s very frustrating.

  16. Quentin Orlando says:

    They are amazing ?

    “Being stuck is just a perspective” ??

  17. Elvor Yahn says:

    Zach is a treasure and we should feel privileged to have him.

  18. Runkel says:

    The Seabiscuit / Hidalgo line really got me

  19. Dylan Rose says:

    Never really questioned what the lines were, but I always thought it was pretty self-explanatory that you’re not supposed to park there. It’s honestly surprising to me that this is a problem.

  20. SableWidow says:

    I am double man
    I don’t even need my wheelchair van
    Cuz I’ve got lots of tape
    Look at me I’m wearing a Jordan cape

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