What we know about Amtrak’s deadly South Carolina collision

What we know about Amtrak’s deadly South Carolina collision

An Amtrak train collided with a CSX freight train near Columbia, S.C., early on Feb. 4, killing 2 and injuring more than 100 in Amtrak’s second fatal crash in less than a week. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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75 Responses

  1. DeepSouthRailfan says:

    so this basically what happened, amtrak 91 going sb was switched onto track 3 which is a loading track for the automobile plant, the lead engine of 91 was disintegrated, likely the two deaths occurred with the amtrak engineers. the csx train was stopped judging by the damage to the amtrak, he probably was traveling at about 50 mph. its safe to say that this crash could have been alot worse if 91 was traveling faster. Yet this is going to all come back onto the dispatcher. The dispatcher routed 91 onto a freight track. If you check out google maps you can see that the number three track is usually used when a train is switching out the plant. The amtrak train is supposed to stay on the number two track which bypasses the plant. Thoughts and prayers go to the family of the crew.

    • 22817hm says:

      I also thought this had to be the dispatchers fault. Perhaps if someone was monitoring it on atcs we could have seen if the tracks were not aligned correctly

    • scott crabtree says:

      Yeah, the question is ultimately, how did two trains get on the same track facing each other….. I agree, this has to come down on the Dispatcher, or in that Department. Thanks for the information.

    • scott crabtree says:

      Amzar Nacht Ahhhh, hadn’t even crossed my mind, thanks.

    • Nam Thai says:

      Brenda everyone does. No one wants to pay for it with their own money πŸ˜‰

  2. Liam Orourke says:

    Wtf is going on with all these trains crashes

    • moparmon says:

      Train crews are working minimum manned and a TON of hours. Being up for 12 hours, getting called to work 12+ hours with heavy machinery and you pay the price with lives. Things need to change in our industry.

    • 0116Lori says:

      Because the garbage truck driver either thought that he could beat the train or he just wasn’t paying attention. Happens on a daily basis. People will never learn to stay off of the tracks.

    • Donald J Trump sucks putin's dick! says:

      Metaphor of the trump train derailing.

    • Rai Kai says:

      Multiple train derailments happen per day. Its just a coincidence that 2 fatal ones both were amtrak

  3. Jeremy Goldberg says:

    complete bullsh)t not being aware two trains were on the same line headed at eachother. Someones getting fired.

    • Kathleen M Sheridan says:

      Well, we’ll see.Β  Nobody got fired after Sep 11 (except for a lone woman), which, if one believes the official story, represents one of the greatest failures and examples of criminal negligenceΒ by any government, its agencies, and military in history–and nobody got fired…

    • 42 jade says:

      majed8192 it was an ACCIDENT! why does pointing fingers at someone make you feel better when it was an accident, but yet people seem content to allow malicious behavior such as rapists or pedophiles to walk the streets as long as they want? punishing someone for an accident will not bring people back to life or heal broken bones. putting rapists in jail WILL keep them from harming again. society needs to straighten out it’s priorities.

    • Harry Pouncey says:

      This was not an accident. Someone f’ed up. Amtrak train had no business on this track. Switch was not reset back to through rails.

  4. Trickshot4Evar says:

    only 33 veiws?

  5. Recon says:


  6. Vecium says:

    Rest in peace 2 little men

  7. Seerenade says:

    Somebody tocha its S P H A G ET

  8. Marshall Gibson says:

    Time to do a big ol safety stand down at Amtrak. What is going on people!?

  9. 729pjp says:

    these comments are moronic

    • We are already dead Fam says:

      Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN I mean no group is free from this horseshit. Look at how many black people post about triangles in BeyoncΓ© videos being proof of satanism. This country needs better schools.

    • Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN says:

      We are already dead Fam I mostly see whites pointing that out as blacks don’t really seem to give a shit about that conspiracy trash. Really go to a black teen and ask them, then a white teen. Guarantee you the white will address it first.

    • Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN says:

      We are already dead Fam Only blacks that listen to her is middle age females.

    • We are already dead Fam says:

      Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN Go to any music video. A lot of black profile pics will be talking about the illuminati. They are still probably a minority among blacks. Just as the Alex Jones guys are. But they is still plenty of both.

    • ASMRyouVEGANyet? says:

      Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN I’ve only seen blacks pointing out illuminati stuff… Other than Alex Jones

  10. Anasia Johnson says:

    They need to ban people from going on Amtrak

    • Kyle George says:

      Assault train, regular train, not a whole lot of difference. Fact is, the American people don’t need trains at all for transportation. I just don’t understand why anyone would need a train.

    • Deja Vu says:

      Kyle George obviously they need it for transportation πŸ™„. Some people feel safer riding a train. Plus that’s like saying β€œAmerican people don’t need planes at all for transportation β€œ

    • 42 jade says:

      Kyle George there is a lot you do not understand. educate yourself. grow up. stop being part of the problem.

    • 42 jade says:

      Anasia Johnson people like you need to be banned from the internet.

    • Kyle George says:

      Something tells me you’re not too bright, jade.

  11. DD826 says:

    Not the train crews fault, someone put them on the same track! This shouldn’t even be possible.

  12. JD Smith says:

    the post puts commercials on before this tragic news it shows there real side $$$

  13. yoyohe2006 says:

    May their families be blessed and prayed for by all citizens of the United States. Amen.

  14. The Fandom Channel says:

    2018, the year of crashed trains.

  15. nbkcq28 says:

    If you want a safe train ride, go outside of the US. Other countries maintain their rail lines and invest in them. In the US, the money goes to the top1%, not the infrastructure.

  16. John Spade says:

    What are the odds that within two-ish months, Amtrak would have three of their trains crash?

  17. Cristian Martinez says:

    If you really think about it, even with all these derailments, it’s still way less than car accidents

    • Ashley Marie says:

      Cristian Martinez That’s because there’s more cars on the road than there is trains on the railroads. And trains are carrying a lot more people than cars are so a lot more people are impacted when 1 train crashes.

  18. Merlin Krisp says:

    This was no accident thither was the first one. Can you say Deep state false flag

  19. GMR315 says:

    FALSE FLAG! DEEP STATE! IT WAS RUSSIA!…. I see a lot of people are off their meds lately. Terrible accident that never should have happened. At least 2 innocent hard working people are dead. Trying contributing somthing intelligent to the world.

  20. stone1andonly says:

    For those of you thinking Amtrak may have some safety issues, you may be looking in the wrong direction. It is very possible that CSX (the corporate name for the rail line formerly known as the C&O Railroad or “Chessie System”) is responsible for the mainenance of the tracks, signal & switching systems. I can tell you from an experience in my own family that CSX has a history of poorly maintaining their signal & switching systems, and they will go out of their way to cover it so they are not found financially liable. My relative survived his brush with death, but never worked another day in his life and never saw any compensation for what he suffered: he had to live out the remainder of his life on a meager Veteran’s pension, dealing with the continuing aftereffects of the accident until the end.

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