What Will Happen If You Mix Coke and Bleach?

What Will Happen If You Mix Coke and Bleach?

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Coke and Bleach Experiment

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20 Responses

  1. Darrell Hylton says:


  2. Valve Black Guy says:

    I will drink this.

  3. Ash DeVash says:

    A kid in Africa could’ve drank that

  4. Kevin Spacey says:

    Congrats, you just made crystal pepsi.

  5. Daniel Mejia says:

    Your friend dies and you go to prison for it is what happens.

  6. Jennifer Smith says:

    like it

  7. Wamy Ram says:

    Did you drink it

  8. Zambrano 47 says:

    drink it, pussy

  9. Andy Pham says:

    How to make a crazy Russian hacker video:
    safety is number one priority
    today we are going to do very coo experiment
    How cool is that
    Let me no how you think

  10. ZillaStorm says:

    He’s faking the accent right? Haha

  11. anthony chen says:

    when I first started watching his video I thought he said “safety is number
    1 perverted”

  12. RamzyGaming says:

    not enough boom this episode

  13. Graciela Figueroa says:

    Cool Hacker !!!

  14. R3v0LuT10Ns 8D says:

    > “Safety is number one priority”
    > Showing us how to take a drink that is potentially lethal


  15. Deathagon 10 says:

    I wonder what would happen if you put coca-cola in a water filter?

  16. Armando Sanchez says:

    “… and you win the bet”

  17. I'm Ralphi says:

    time to give someone some water

  18. UselessnessToTheMax says:

    I call it the “back to school cocktail”.

  19. Busta Jayce says:

    That’s cool! You should try drinking some!

  20. Miguel Jasso says:

    So the guy who did the voice for mr.gru from dispicable me is now doing
    youtube videos.