What Would Happen If You Never Showered?

What Would Happen If You Never Showered?

Hygiene is extremely important, and to prove it, let’s discuss what happens if you NEVER showered.
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20 Responses

  1. Life Noggin says:

    Scrub behind the ears too! Thanks for watching! Share this with someone who needs to shower. I’m sure they’d appreciate it! Head over to http://keeponthinking.co to get your own Life Noggin shirt and poster!

  2. Charles Lebeau says:

    You will be a zom- wait no

  3. Wan Ahmad Firas says:

    Try to live in hot & humid climate. See if 2-3 showers a week will do you good.

  4. Destructocorps says:

    Acne is a genetic condition, so that comment about not showering causing it is wrong.

  5. Mando Escobedo says:

    What if I workout daily would the once a week shower still be recommended

  6. I am Bleachman says:

    So in Mad max, you never shower, but it is also super hot and dry, so would the bacteria on your skin just die from heat and dryness and would you not smell as bad?

  7. Salamander says:

    After that last segment I’m really resisting the urge to shower…. but I want to so bad.

  8. CaptainYolo Red&Blue says:

    I shower everyday. Is it ok? XD

  9. Sydney Jacobs says:

    To day is independence day in my Country

  10. RedInterceptor says:

    Dang. So it wont be the zombies that kill us?

  11. Kevin_Crone Lal says:

    What would happen if u don’t use face cream coconut oil or other stuff ?

  12. Viktor6665 says:

    Once or twice a week is not enough. It should be 3-4times a week at least.

  13. XgamerdaveX says:

    I shower every day. It’s the first thing I do when i get up.

  14. Drayke Allred says:

    Ya but you could still take a bath

  15. Syxm Gaming says:

    What if once a day?

  16. Volt Siano says:

    Sooo… now I have an excuse for skipping out on my daily shower every now and then?

  17. SaSSolino says:

    I shower twice a day in the summer, am I going to die?

  18. Historic Player says:

    Hold up, idc if I have a higher risk of infection cause of dry skin I’d just use lotion, if you shower once every week you gonna smell nasty asf

  19. Alyssa M says:

    my grandmother worked in a nursing home/hospital in a very small town. once a man was brought in who was found living in a cave in northern Montana. they thought he was a black man and she was the only nurse willing to bathe him (different time, racist town). he didn’t talk a single word. realized once she started bathing him that he was a white guy. as far as she believed he had never seen civilization before, let alone taken a shower

  20. Raul says:

    It’s my B-day….I’ll shower forst time this year ! :p

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