We got super honest about Youtube & ‘fame’ culture. What do you think?
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20 Responses

  1. Helen Sykes says:

    This video opened my eyes to YouTube culture. I’ve never thought about most
    of these things before but I’m really glad this video was made. I’ve seen
    other divisions such as YouTubers that began as friends but as one got
    bigger and because a ‘celebrity’ they refuse to associate with anyone below
    them. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of YouTubers but I think the barrier
    is an issue. We’re all people after all and we all deserve to be treated
    like people.

  2. Kt Miller says:

    I totally agree with you guys. There’s so many youtubers that I’ve stopped
    watching cause I feel like they’re so disconnected from the actual people
    that watch their videos. So many youtubers dont pu’t much effort into their
    videos now and they just do Q&As every couple days. Its nice to know that
    there’s still some genuine people on here.

  3. Scorch TheRedhead says:

    GEORGE! You live! But yes I agree with you xxx

  4. Life of BriBry says:

    +alfie caloz thanks alfie!

  5. Karen Ariel says:

    I can’t believe you’re going to israel

  6. christine cobb says:

    Love you guys.

  7. Rhian Lear says:

    How is Shane coming out disgusting? He can’t help it that people watched
    his video?

  8. Beka the Dork says:

    I got so carried away that I made an entire video on this…
    #bringbackvideoresponses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMqfWqBE1Gc

  9. C Post says:

    I love when you guys make videos like this. It really brings light to the
    issues surrounding our culture because society likes to take a good thing
    and make it “better” by putting it in a consumer box and selling it to us.
    I try not to buy into stuff like that, but I know a lot of people do and
    it’s hard to find people that share the same ideas as me. I think it’s
    good for YouTubers to reach farther than YouTube, but I feel like there are
    ways to do that without losing authenticity.

  10. Life of BriBry says:

    +Eleanor Bruton thank you very much eleanor <3

  11. Rhian Lear says:

    the travelling the bigger youtubers do then they might need more money, and
    that’s fine as long as they state it is sponsored.

  12. sara beth says:

    Hahaha it’s only if it’s all the time!! I suppose I’ll let you off… 😛 x

  13. Alice Rose says:

    How much longer is the BriBry merch going to be available for?

  14. Claudia Goshy says:

    Well I think the best thing about meeting you tubers is to have a
    conversation, because I like to think that’s what we’re having anyway 🙂 

  15. HappyMi says:

    I just subscribed with you guys because I agree so much! YouTube culture
    has changed so much and it’s really sad. I totally agree that waiting in a
    line for an hour to meet someone for a minute is not very personal and I
    wish that there was easier way to get in touch with them.
    And I can’t believe you’re performing with Twenty Øne Piløts!!! Oh my

  16. 1210Nique says:

    I’ve been unsubscribing and unfollowing so many youtubers lately mostly
    because of this reason. When I saw pics of the ‘Oh My Vlog’ magazine on
    tumblr, I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. It was so cringy and tacky

  17. Isabel Álvarez Muz says:


  18. Cintia Reyes says:

    I simply watch your videos because you mak me think about stuff and life.
    But if I had the chance to meet Candice (or Bry) I would love to talk about
    books and give her a list of my top 10 and it is sad that this thing where
    everyone was supossed to get to know other people by making videos is now
    like TV cable… but cheaper and with more swearing.

  19. Leah Stewart says:

    Love you both so so much <3

  20. Caitlin Brown says:

    I couldn’t agree more !! I want YouTube’s to do well but I feel that as
    they get more and more popular they seem to start vlogging less and only
    care about the publicity!!!!