What’s new, Atlas?

What’s new, Atlas?

What have you been up to lately, Atlas?

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36 Responses

  1. actual trash says:

    Well, this thing can do more shit than me

  2. Zone Television says:

    Holy S&*t.. We are so F*&6Ked

    • fl00fydragon says:

      Zone Television nah
      The same technology can upgrade humans
      Have you seen how much cybernetics have advanced the past decade? We got billionaires throwing their hat in the ring for a brain machine interface with some determined to have some t running within a decade and achieving immortality by 2045

    • Zone Television says:

      fl00fydragon oh the same idiots have lobbied to buy our politicians ? That’s even worse 😐

  3. neodos says:

    Give it 10 more years and we’ll have robots walking down the street, that sounded cool as a teenager, now it just seems somewhat frightening.

  4. Anodyne Melody says:

    This is literally a quantum leap in Atlas’s performance. I’m very impressed with its (soon to be ‘their’) new stability.

  5. Pesterenan says:

    The bloopers reel at the end is for us to laugh now, because soon enough they will be back flipping above our corpses… j/k xD

  6. Heroes Workshop says:

    I can hear the US military busting a nut right now.

  7. Aatrixx says:

    IRobot will soon be up on us boys

  8. Patrick Hood-Daniel says:

    The movement is so similar to a human!

  9. KungFuChess says:

    But can it flip a hamburger?

  10. Lust for Awesomeness says:

    A Weapon to surpass olympics?

  11. Mike Verta says:

    We can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

  12. Jack D0VA says:

    These things will be hunting us in 10 years

    • username pending or redacted says:

      Jack D0VA Too bad we have more soldiers and more guns than them, and more bombs, tanks, etc…

    • username pending or redacted says:

      Jack D0VA We would have to give them weapons first.

    • SpinnyKickGuy TaughtByNayRSensei says:

      username pending or redacted With advanced AI they could launch nuclear weapons and hack all the information on the planet tho. And it probably wouldn’t be that hard for a robot to get a gun..

    • username pending or redacted says:

      SpinnyKickGuy TaughtByNayRSensei If a robot even tries, we shoot it. Easy.

    • username pending or redacted says:

      SpinnyKickGuy TaughtByNayRSensei All that information would take way too much time to download and they would not have enough space. Plus we can disable any unsavoury thoughts from the robot and stop it from doing so. We have full control.

  13. Zero Cool says:

    This is a T-100, this is how it starts…

  14. RideShare Tips says:

    Straight out of Skynet

  15. Taylor G. "trg1408" says:

    “Nothing we haven’t seen already” * Does Backflip * *MIND EXPLODES*


    Well it’s official a robotic can do more than I can do! Seriously thou that slow motion of Atlas adjusting it’s balance off one leg is insane!

  17. Degutant Baka says:

    It has begun…

  18. Rayhart Twins says:

    *These things are gonna start replacing athletes* 🀀

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