What’s On My Kid’s Phone | Gabriel Iglesias

What’s On My Kid’s Phone | Gabriel Iglesias

Happy throwback Thursday from 2019!


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41 Responses

  1. Bidoofus 221 says:

    Title: what’s on my sons phone

    Me: ohhhh boi this’ll be fun

  2. H Boi says:

    I don’t mean frozen but those people look cold!

    Had me rolling😂😂

  3. Mad9977 Productions says:

    “i won’t tell your mom… but everyone else” 😂👍

  4. Malady Wynter Pond says:

    “You want me to text you?”
    “Never mind!”


  5. None of your business says:

    “There’s a sequel to that it’s called “Not My Hair” 😂😂🤣

  6. Cole Beattie says:

    “And now we’re watching “professionals”” that got me good

  7. Yuen says:

    His son *Frankie should become a comedian like Fluffy* too… so he can take his revenge for exposing him all these years ! Especially this time ! LOL *_Will be fun to hear the other side of the story for all the things Fluffy talked about in the past!_*

  8. visharad rawat says:

    He was watching Game Of Thrones (White Walkers)

  9. Quaziii says:

    “hey dad im about to watch some porn, just wanted to let you know” llf imagine

  10. Vishvesh Muley says:

    He is a damn cool dad, for sure. Franky is lucky dude.

  11. Emilio Pena says:

    “I would never tell your mom…Ima tell everyone else”

  12. B 2 U says:

    Long enough to know “not my face”

    There’s a sequel to that “not my hair”

    Want ne to text u….

    Never mind….lmao..

  13. Annie Mathews says:

    “How do you know that I’m not gonna stop?”
    ” Cause I haven’t stopped.”
    Stole the show.

  14. JasonX 117 says:


    the little run he did afterwards was really funny.

  15. alex navarro says:

    Frankie needs a portion of his checks for being exposed for laughs😂😂

    • LostSorcerer says:

      He gets his share(indirectly). In this special Fluffy talks about how he would be able to fund Frankie in what ever endeavor he would like to pursue (College/University, work, …). Fluffy also pays for Frankie’s phone and other luxuries.

  16. Psyfer Ain't a rapper says:

    There’s a prequel called Not Inside 😂🤣😂🤣

  17. Verdugo says:

    The second he said “my son is watching…a film” I knew exactly where this was going

  18. XxPhinøëxGämêrxX says:

    imagine if Frankie was on stage when he said this-

  19. Joe Mama says:

    “What’s on m’y kids phone” I’ve been there, not as the adult. Relatable?

  20. Pizza Suicide says:

    Gabriel gets a text
    Text: Hey dad im bouta watch porn

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