Join Click as we guess mystery objects by their smell.

*We’re not actually selling Lazarbeam’s sock

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45 Responses

  1. Raphael Tabby says:

    Lazarbeam: Smelling this legitimately cooks your brain

    Me: You already cook memes in your mind every vid lmao

  2. Connor Esmond says:

    Marcus 2019 – “It smells like something red!”

  3. Tanvir Bhathal says:

    Eliot: I can’t smell anything.

    *Proceeds to adjust blindfold*

  4. Jekieve Redlover32 says:

    Cray: It smells like Australia
    Muslk:I can’t smell anything

    Top 1 evidence that Australia doesn’t Exist Lol

  5. Fortnite King says:

    When ur going to buy lazarbeams sock then it’s say it’s not for sale ?

  6. Pokemaster902 xX says:

    Lannan: “2 positives is a negative”

    Me: *Facepalm*

  7. Ryan Case says:

    Lannan one turn after its a eucalyptus: Hey… This shoe polish kinda smells like a eucalyptus. Lmao

  8. WCBF Kid says:

    Description: We are not selling Lazarbeam’s sock
    Me: I know Lannan will tho. He needs all money and its just a sock lol.

  9. Ding Dong says:

    3 seconds in the game

    Lannan:wait it’s moving

  10. Candy_ Kane says:

    *Muselk: I’m 70% coffee*
    Well no wonder why you’re so loud, my GOD

  11. Reazy says:

    “It smells like a red thing”

    -Marcus 2019

  12. o_O _22 says:

    Fruity: I don’t smell nothing.

    Muselk: Gets it right

    Fruity: Yea Yea *smiles* or * giggles*

  13. Haadiya Usman says:

    Is Lachlan is still hiding?

    This guys good

    At least the only way he can attend the videos is lazar and muselk wearing his merch

  14. frank zhang says:

    elliot: full of confidence* “Apricot!”
    cray: chill like* “hmmmm yea its like mandarin..”
    cray gets it right* LOL

  15. Alex Partida says:

    Lannan: it has to be pineapple
    Bazz: I felt a poke its pinapple!
    Bazz: looks at flower, PINEAPPLE!

  16. Epicness Lord says:

    “It smells like a red thing”
    Marcus 2019

  17. Teddy BEVAN-DAVIES says:

    Australians with tea: I smell plastic
    British: one nano second in:
    Australians with coffee:

  18. Mr. Aner loves memes says:

    Lannan:U made us smell shoe polish that can give us brain damage

    The internet:U already have brain damage ??

  19. 25k subscriber challenge without any video says:

    Cray says he has good sense of smell
    (Computing input)
    Crays a DOG!?!

  20. Bauer Signe says:

    Is it just me or is it that Lannan’s face looked oddly like Bazz in the beginning of the video?

    Just me? OK…..

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