What’s your podcast about? (YIAY #428)

What’s your podcast about? (YIAY #428)

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52 Responses

  1. Matej Korpasev says:

    #YAIYoutro im lazy to make one so im just gonna comment this hoping to get futured.

  2. Elie K. says:

    #YIAYoutro A really long one so you can get to over 10 minutes and get that bonus ad *_HELL YEAH_*

  3. Sonia's Way says:

    1:57 yayyyyy I got featured 😁😁😁

  4. FlyingJetpack1 says:

    #YIAYoutro Leave your answers in the comments below,
    But I won’t pick them for the next episode of YIAY!

  5. souper sayoun vergeenya says:

    #Yiayoutro A Minecraft outro

  6. Anirban Prottoy says:

    #YIAYoutro don’t forget to *smash* that like button *smash* that subscribe button and the small bell button right next to it.

  7. Jahopp says:

    #YIAYoutro Bye

  8. Vortex says:

    #YIAYoutro *It’s just a theory!A game theory!*

  9. SLOW says:

    #yiayoutro do the lwiay intro as the yiay outro🤔

  10. Potato. says:

    #YIAYoutro just stare at the camera into our souls

  11. Zom Bee Nature says:

    #YIAYoutro 🎶Do not bother with your comment below🎵 I’ll just ignore it in the next episode of YIAY!🎶

  12. Fox FX says:

    2:09 ”60, 69, 68…” wtf

  13. Dizzy says:

    *Who else focused on the count down???*

    oh only me.

  14. Sean Barry says:

    #YIAYoutros obnoxious loud dubstep music with 3D name templates that move with the beat

  15. Cademan Caden says:

    #YIAYoutro “that’s all, folks” in full porky pig attire with the stutter & all.

  16. Selma Rizvic says:

    #YIAYoutro it would just be you reading the most disappointing yiay answers

  17. Happydemon says:

    #YIAYoutro sorry for wasting your time

  18. Se bear O'hare says:

    Leave your ignored answers below and ill hurt your fellings once again.

  19. Mr. Aero Dude says:

    O shet thats me

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