When a character speaks a different language but doesn’t get subtitles

When a character speaks a different language but doesn’t get subtitles

Should we Google the script?

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56 Responses

  1. TheTalentlessWriter says:

    Well the alien did say “Malaka” at one point and he does kind of look like my uncle so I think he was speaking Greek

  2. Twolol says:

    i sometimes enjoy to pretend that i understood something that aint english
    and yes i get the reference that alien made
    that was hilarious

  3. Uriah says:

    When everyone speaks one language except that one character, and somehow everyone understands them yet responds to them in the first language and somehow they still understand each other.

  4. katphisH says:

    Whenever Jabba speaks Huttese and Han just repeats the sentence in English so you can understand the context.

    “Domi vadda Solo yezza kolo poodoo”

    “What do you mean I still owe you the money?”

    • Bruce Woodcock says:

      @DGneoseeker1 If you think it means shit, you’re wrong. Poodoo is fodder or animal food. Bantha poodoo is particularly foul-smelling. So it’s like calling someone pig slop.

    • TheVaughnenator says:

      @Isaiah I only recently watched the first 3 films(Ep. 4,5,6)

      I really liked the dynamic between the droids because C3P0 reacts in a way that you wonder what R2 just said. Where as the dynamic between Han and Chewbacca was more direct because of how Han gives you context. Meaning every time Chewbacca wasn’t with Han he was pretty annoying lol Meanwhile R2 single handedly driving the plot forward regardless of being understood. While I’m ranting, they might have saved Han before they left Cloud City if Chewbacca didn’t have his fit and choke Lando. By the third film, I’m on board with Chewy but it was easy to hate on him at first lol

    • DGneoseeker1 says:

      @Bruce Woodcock Hm.

      Very well.

      George Lucas has some pretty strange ideas about what Jizz means too.

    • MLBlue30 says:

      @DGneoseeker1 I genuinely believe he had no knowledge it was slang for semen.

    • Low Soul Ghost says:

      @DGneoseeker1 I heard the secret to George’s hair is jizz.

  5. Colin Mohn says:

    Man, the way that guy said “Ni le le-le bool” gave me shivers. Stunning acting.

  6. MitchBavonos says:

    0:23 “Tuokaa mulle kalaa” – The alien speaks fluent Finnish, he’s just is hungry for some fish

  7. Big Water says:

    This reminds me of that pokemon episode where there’s a serious heart-to-heart between Caterpie and Pikachu. But it’s literally like ten minutes of them making weird noises at each other with no real dialogue.

  8. Goatmaster3000 says:

    When you make certain kinds of noises, it’s just eventually gonna have some actual finnish words in there.

  9. Kyntteri says:

    Finnish translations:
    0:06 Poop in the bush…
    0:27 Bring me poop…
    0:37 Riot, to me boy, hundred…
    0:49 To me boy, salad…
    1:05 I’m having a poop, people…
    1:18 For both of us, I’m bad…
    1:39 I have chewing gum

    Phonetics aren’t 100% in places but if I squint my ears, they work. Some were spot on.

    • Tim Opper says:

      @Mario Castillo
      Obviously, if someone has access to poop, and you wanted some, it would be to your benefit to ask for some.

    • LuciusLeeXIX says:

      After playing several hours of Knights of the Old Republic, I thought it was Ryl (language spoken by the Twi’leks, I had to look this up).

      Now I hurting my brain wondering if Ryl was really Finnish all along.

    • Marcos M says:

      @Tim Opper made me imagine someone folding their ears through muscule only

    • unlimitedrabbit says:

      Now I want to walk up and take a seat at someone else’s booth at some restaurant and say these phrases in English to the person with the same voice that the alien used.

    • Ibadibam says:

      @LuciusLeeXIX Rodian is Quechua. Ewok is a mix of Kalmyk, Tibetan and Filipino. So Twilek…who knows?

  10. DSLRguide says:

    I checked the YouTube captions in case there was translation. Nothing there so I guess we’re not supposed to understand it

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