When a Silverback attacks.

When a Silverback attacks.

At the zoo when this happens.

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20 Responses

  1. TheAirheaded1 says:

    Time to change some panties!

  2. BroTheDude says:

    Yep… time to leave.

  3. Chris Skywalker says:

    They shouldn’t be in there anyway!! When they attack people are always like
    “they’re wild and should be put down” Yes they are wild but NO they
    shouldn’t be put down! They should be where they’re supposed to be IN THE
    WILD!!!! And people wonder why they bang on the glass and shit, it’s
    because they aren’t used to people looking at them behind glass!! It’s bad
    the way they are treated and they shouldn’t be there in the first place,
    they should be like I said IN THE WILD!! 

  4. 92680BOYD says:

    Why do we need Zoos again?. You take animals from their natural habitat and
    put them in a “controlled” environment and you don’t think their instincts
    will kick in at any given moment?.

    SPCA is a hypocritical organization that doesn’t challenge the idea of A

    And don’t give me the poacher argument to justify Zoos either.

  5. burntrobot says:

    00:09 Woot! Oh man FTW!

  6. AztecaOcelotl says:

    Teaser trailer for the next Planet of The Apes movie?

  7. giovannisilvagnoli6 says:

    Run for ur life

  8. Zoltán László Nagy says:

    Which zoo was this? It seems familiar.

  9. Beastofstone says:

    Is nobody concerned with the glass actually cracking 

  10. Sway Misc says:

    They are so FAT! !

  11. applebug says:

    King Kong

  12. World TOP 20 Music Singles Chart says:

    How strong these animals are, seriously? That glass must be at least 10 cm
    thick…anyways if I would have done the same I would be in the hospital
    and the glass would be in perfect shape :)

  13. j2times2006 says:

    Hey stupid stop antagonizing the gorillas. 

  14. oicampo73 says:

    That’s not a gorilla glass!

  15. William Orellana says:

    Free those monkeys!

  16. Michael Shelmire says:

    Pause 0:09

  17. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Actually most of the time when the gorillas do that it’s to entertain
    themselves because they love the people’s reactions 

  18. BeyAttack says:

    Animals shouldent even be behind glass lol

  19. Sean Obrien says:

    Watch this silverback go bananas!

  20. Greg Ross says:

    Ummm….the glass cracked!