When Should Remakes Not Happen?

When Should Remakes Not Happen?

They’re everywhere, and they’re not slowing down, but when is it actually right to revisit a classic?

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20 Responses

  1. Channel Awesome says:

    What do you think? Should we revisit classics or leave them alone?

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  2. Chy Chy says:

    I wish they would stop remaking Cinderella. Like how many times can you tell her story there’s so many fairy tales to be told and they keep choosing her

  3. Martin Hilding says:

    Hello. I am incredibly lonely in my life. Goodbye.

  4. Phil Michaels says:

    I think America could use a remake. The original had great ideas, but the ideas were horribly executed. The ending of that movie completely sucked too. A giant mango taking over everything? Wtf?

  5. Star Gamer 3120 says:

    Wizard of Oz remake announced! Kim Kardashian as Dorothy, Josh Gad as the Scarecrow, Kevin Hart as the Tin Man, Kanye West as the Cowardly Lion, and Megan Fox as the Wicked Witch! Directed by Michael Bay!

  6. Gustavo Barría Chavarría says:

    Reboots *YES*
    Remakes *NO*

    *Unless if you are videogame without story.

  7. Adrian Karmenate says:

    Hollywood out of ideas?

    You guys won’t support new ideas so why should they?

  8. Patrick O'Ryan says:

    I’m wondering why they haven’t remade Jason And The Argonauts yet? it’s been long enough now that a remake would be acceptable and think about how epic it could be with today’s technology! If they got the right people behind it with the right director, it could be really good film, as long as they don’t fuck it up entirely like Clash Of The Titans.

  9. Sophie XOXO says:

    The Bates Motel shower scene was amazing- not exactly a remake as it’s a tv series about Norman Bates’ teen years. There was a huge twist in the iconic shower scene and it certainly shocked me!

  10. DynamoDuskull says:

    Fun fact though: Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory isn’t a remake of the Gene Wilder movie, they’re both adapted from Roald Dahl’s 1964 book, and the Tim Burton movie is actually _decently accurate_ to the book by comparison (not 100% accurate, as the “daddy issues” subplot and Depp’s version of Wonka wasn’t part of the book).
    I do _love_ the Gene Wilder movie too, but then I read the book when I was 10, and now I prefer the Tim Burton movie.

    I’m open to all remakes, I won’t judge them until I see them.

  11. Shingo Sawatari/HGX says:

    Charlie and  the chocolate factory is better than willie wonka and the chocolate factory. who cares if the original is “a classic”, there are a ton of filler moments that didn’t need to be there, it didn’t capture the heart of the book while tim burton’s version did, there were too many songs that didn’t need to be there (does anyone actually like the songs sung by Charlie’s mom or verruca? cause I don’t), and the newer version just looks better and is funnier.

  12. WheediesManchild says:

    im waiting for that Black Cauldron remake!

  13. ruyman90 says:

    I have lost count of how many times I have heard that Hollywood should remake the movie Eragon. Is a great idea to take an interesting story done bad into a proper one. Heck, I would add to the list the movies Spawn, Catwoman, waterworld, Red Sonja, the golden compass, Dune, or even the Matrix.

  14. Ava Angelettie says:

    Raise your hand if you genuinely liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just as much as the original
    Just me? Okay….

  15. End Credit Reviews says:

    I love the remake of The Mummy from 1999! Also, thumbs up if you think he should do a Top 11 Dumbest Amazing Spider-Man movie moments?

  16. Luke Bundesen says:

    I’ve got an idea for Old vs New: Peter Pan, 1953 vs 2003. Is the former better because of the Disney Magic, or is the latter better for being more based on the original play?

  17. TrueYellowDart says:

    It should be goddamn illegal to show clips from the Garbage Pail Kids movie without some kind of warning.

  18. Xuagram2405 says:

    Makes me think about the last airbender mov…. I better stop now.

  19. Andrew Watson says:

    Am I the only person who really likes the Johnny Depp Charlie and the Chocolate Factory???

  20. Lee Thompson-Kolar says:

    I think Doug may have misrepresented two movies as remakes: Tim Burton’s _Charlie and the Chocolate Factory_ and _Alice in Wonderland_. It’s true that movies of those existed before Burton made them, but remember: They were books first. With _Charlie_, his goal was not to recreate the 1971 film, but to re-adapt the Roald Dahl book. He didn’t make Wonka sly and cunning, he didn’t add whimsical song numbers (the Oompa Loompa songs in his version were straight out of the book), and he didn’t add any Fizzy Lifting Drinks. Had he included all the things the 1971 version had invented, it would be fair to call his movie a remake.

    With _Alice_, Burton’s version has an original plot and is almost nothing like the 1951 movie. Why are people even calling it a remake? Is it because it has the name _Alice in Wonderland_ and features characters from the original book? That’s nowhere near enough to constitute calling it a remake of a specific movie. The animated Titanic movies straight-up steal shots and ideas from James Cameron’s _Titanic_, yet no one calls them remakes.

    You may love or hate the Burton films I’ve described here, but whatever your stance is on them, I feel it’s wrong to say a second adaptation of a novel is a remake of particular movie.

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