When Will Coronavirus Pandemic End?

When Will Coronavirus Pandemic End?

The entire world is on lock down, and with everyone quarantined inside their homes, the main question on everyone’s mind is “When will this nightmare be over?”. We wish we had a definitive answer for you, but the global pandemic is an extremely complicated situation. With the death toll of the coronavirus rising, we looked to the experts to try and predict when the world can start to go back to normal.

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79 Responses

  1. Trippie X says:

    Wishing I was “in school” rn instead of working… should have appreciated it 😂

  2. MrRonzy says:

    Me in 2019: I will travel the world
    Me in 2020: Going outside the house would be so cool

  3. Enzo lorenzo says:

    2019:The worst year of my life

    2020:I dont think so

  4. ᜃ ᜃᜐ᜔ᜑᜒ᜶ᜑᜆᜃᜒ says:

    *Covid 19 ends*

    Cromulons: “Allow us to introduce ourselves”

  5. Wilson From Castaway says:

    I’m on Season 2 of
    “Staring at my drywall”

  6. Jess Randomness says:

    Me: 2019 :was meh let’s start a new decade the best way!

    Me from the future:
    *walks from door*
    Don’t go in there! Just don’t no don’t go in there

  7. O O F says:

    Time traveller: what year is it?
    Some random guy: 2020
    Time traveller: [chuckles] I’m in danger

  8. Nishi Talukdar says:

    Am I the only one who spent the entire time only reading comments without hearing a thing in the video 🤔🤔?

  9. Igor says:

    “This model relies on the assumption that all americans will be observing quarantine and social distancing measures”

    *shows the distance between two people on the picture in meters*


  10. Mr Ex says:

    For some reason this whole, Covid-19 feels like the show The Strain but without vampires.

  11. 『brightside』 says:

    2019 dentist: We’re doctors too!
    2020 dentist: I’m just a dentist

  12. 『brightside』 says:

    2019: Stay away from negative people
    2020: Stay away from positive people

  13. hystereo says:


    The comment section: 2019 / 2020 memes

  14. KingB Opps says:

    So you’re telling me this could be over when i graduate high school, in early 2022? And that’s even if we go back to school.

  15. Life Lab Learner says:

    I’m a biomedical researcher and I’ve just catched up with the latest COVID-19 research. Concerning immunity, first studies show that SARS-CoV2 might have a lower mutation rate than SARS (which already has a comparatively low mutation rate). Since the virus has appeared in autumn, only a couple of mutations have been detected in samples across different countries (I’m just preparing a video about the evolution of SARS-CoV2). This could mean that immunity after being infected might last comparatively long, let’s hope that this turns out to be true!

  16. bill dosk says:

    when the self isolation finally end :
    “hey how are you”


  17. CHÀØS says:

    so can someone clarify, he says that this is going to go on until late 2021, but when will people be able to return to school, and ignore social distancing measures?

    • T o says:

      CHÀØS whatever anyone says right now is speculation… there would be no way to predict what each country would do as it has a knock on effect. Hopefully end of this year imo

  18. yeet me harder daddy says:

    2019: ugh this is the worst year eveerr😩

    2020: _let me introduce myself_

  19. PGT playz says:

    When will corona virus end
    Peoples answer: when a vaccine is found
    Kabaam! It’s only a 1sec answer

  20. Mani Crow says:

    2019:this year kinda trash…

    2020: I can’t even go out the dang house no more

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