when you try all the sounds and beats on your synth while only playing toto – africa

when you try all the sounds and beats on your synth while only playing toto – africa

hello my dudes it has been 9 years but i have returned with some more garbage for you to enjoy..

(thank you guys for always being so nice and supportive)

And thank you so much for watching!

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20 Responses

  1. PwnPiez says:

    If you did 100 push up, 100 squats and 100 sit-ups, paired with a 10km run for the past three years with nothing but a banana for breakfast, how the hell did you find the time to practice piano?

  2. CCMac says:

    I feel more useless than that second camera

  3. Zipote says:

    You are the most lovable serious bald man I have ever seen

  4. Chase H. says:

    Seth, your bald head is so smooth. I want to touch it.

  5. Hamdy Sayrafi says:

    At this rate, Seth takes 21 hours to produce one second of content.

  6. Dinj Valric Bertuso says:

    One year hiatus, and still no hair

  7. Dinj Valric Bertuso says:

    Once again, my favorite genre was “I’m Scared”

  8. Denise Rodriguez says:

    Seriously dude, this is amazing. Please never stop making videos, even if we only get one every few months. It’s always worth the wait. Now excuse me, I need to replay this another 12 times.

  9. Avery Mcguire says:

    Where does your keyboard go when it’s not on your lap?

  10. Ethan Tokko says:

    “Genre: Sad”

  11. Itz Infamousxx says:

    Agent 47 we need you.

  12. aspirant13 says:


  13. FreezeMix says:


  14. Joseph Pattison says:

    this video was fantastic

    see you guys again in 5 months

  15. Reskamo says:

    Can we get this in the trends of every fucking country? This needs a million views ASAP

  16. Blaze 492 says:

    Stop staring at me please.

  17. Frog Dude says:

    Upload a 2 second video And just say “hi”, we would still go nuts

  18. Zedd says:

    The “LATIN” one was really cool!

    Anyone agree?

  19. Miguel El Alien says:

    When YouTube recomend works

  20. RastamanBob2001 says:

    Ive been fapping for 6 months straight waiting for your next upload. When it finally came, so did i.

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