when your friend doesn’t know a character dies but you do

when your friend doesn’t know a character dies but you do

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20 Responses

  1. Brad says:


  2. Lance says:

    Spoiler alert: Don’t try to reset when Lysanderoth points the gun, your choices won’t matter.

  3. James Oh Burn says:




  4. chrisp12001 says:

    >Showing your friends Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in a nutshell.

  5. VGjoe says:

    Persona 3

    I think I’ll leave it at that.

  6. Xyepie says:

    “Oh, I like Petra, she’s really cool! I think she’ll be a great addition to the plot!”

    “Wow, Caeser is a really good character! He knows how to use his Hamon well. I hope Joseph will learn from him!”

    “Oo, Dio is a super cool villain. I beg he’s going to cause trouble to every character!”

    *Quiet sobbing in head*
    “Yeah, whatever you say.”

  7. Seth Masonry says:

    When people say they like Kakyoin

  8. LittleKing OfTheUniverse says:

    Caesar Zeppeli

  9. notsandythesquirrel says:

    “Man, Hughes is such a cool dad and officer. He’s becoming my favorite!”
    *sweats internally* yUP

  10. Justin Sankar says:

    Sosuke bosuke

  11. capitan soos says:

    *aot in a nutshell*

  12. AntagonistChan says:

    Lemme guess.
    Killing Archibald is how Lysanderoth revealed his true colors.

  13. Sammy Markoe says:

    You are the perfect example of an uncorrupt, funny and simple youtuber. No clickbait, no deception, nothing just good content

  14. deetz says:

    Crap! Archibald dies? Man, I did not see that one coming. I wonder if he dies because of Lysanderoth or King Dragon

  15. Morgan Lemons says:

    I get so happy when you make these…..

  16. Juan Gimenez says:

    I really think that in a few months or maybe a couple of years we would be able to put every video about kingdragon and Prince Horace and have a complete story about Tales of Abdkgllfndkia

  17. Kobol says:

    Stop spoiling the game for me wtf I just unlocked Archibald

  18. Tony Garcia says:

    Can someone give me a timeline of the prince horce and king dragon lore? Ive seen all the videos i just need them placed correctly for a refresher, this lore is very precisely made by Proz and takes time to put together this traffic tale.

  19. Shoop a doop says:

    Me Playing Final Fantasy 7: Man, Aerith’s so cool! I’m never switching her out!
    My Uncle: Yep! Whatever you say! *flips table*

  20. Fun Fortress 2 says:

    “Man Jonathan is a very fun Character. I hope we will get too see more seasons with him”
    *sweats himself out of oblivion* “Yeah I quess”

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