When your roommate is a misguided super hero.

When your roommate is a misguided super hero.

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77 Responses


    I’ve put them out of their misery 🤣🤣

  2. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    The super hero should’ve killed all the wasps, I’m sure his roommate wouldn’t complain about that

  3. Life w/ Tata says:

    At least it was painless😂😂

  4. Macsta says:

    “To end homelessness, I killed all homeless people”

    • Just some guy with infinity says:

      @Wissal nah erens is can’t be racist if there are no races left

    • Wissal says:

      @Just some guy with infinity i am assuming that you didn’t read the manga

    • Wissal says:

      @Just some guy with infinity no actually thats kinda true my bad

    • Just some guy with infinity says:

      @Wissal zeke wanted to euthanize the eldians so his is “you can’t be racist if your race ceases to exist” but eren will destroy every other race on the planet just so his can survive

    • Dr Jonesey says:

      But what happens when lazy people decide to like…be lazy and end up on the street again or when mentally ill people who can’t provide for themselves end up homeless or people who lose their homes due to medical issues or a fire or natural disaster become temporarily homeless? A never ending issue lol Guess he’s going to murder them all year around.

  5. Hrishikesh Biswas says:

    Ah! He is so fast that he can say something then kill himself and reincarnate again with a different personality to argue his previous statement. So that’s how Caleb videos have been working, bringing us such a diversity of characters.

  6. Ckittle says:

    “I just brought them back and scattered them across the country”😂😂

    • Sienna Q says:

      @I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!! stfu

    • I'm Batman says:

      @Sienna Q I wouldn’t.

    • !? says:

      @Sienna Q That’s a really serious and complicated question

    • !? says:

      @Sienna Q Probably Superman would want to do something after seeing and hearing all the North Koreans suffering while flying past. He’d probably like secretly meet with the CIA, the South Korean government, the Chinese government and rebel elements of the North Korean government to replace Kim Jong-Un with a noble hearted imposter that pursues closer economic relations with China and South Korea while getting rid of the death camps and most of the nukes. He’d then probably toss Kim Jong-un into a secret prison and keep him there for life. He’d then probably use all the money from Kim’s bourbon and limousines slush fund budget to buy the North Koreans all the cool stuff they really want, like food.

  7. Aidid Zamri says:

    “To end all racism, I killed all races”
    —Eren, probably

  8. Debbie Pierre says:

    Why when Caleb said “YOU WHAT!!!” he lowkey sounded like that green fish Spongebob only gave 1 icecube to😂😂😂

  9. Evan Pilkington says:

    Anything: *Is Dangerous/Bad*
    That Dude: “So anyways, I started flying to space.”

  10. Spinjitzu Master Falcon says:

    Henry: “To solve world hunger, I stuffed people until they popped.”
    “YOU WHAT!?”

  11. Ayachi says:

    “Can’t be racist if only one race exists.” -Eren Yaeger.

  12. Kamoshun says:

    CalebCity: Endgame

  13. Arturo Atoyan says:

    *Homelander:* *watches this video*

    *Homelander:* “Write that down”

  14. jettae schroff says:

    “so anyways, i started blasting”
    – thanos, but also this guy

  15. Sad Lad says:

    “Dogs kill more people than sharks each year”

    Henry: 😏

    • zq ninja says:

      cats kill more then dogs, think of it like this, jaguars are consumers, tigers are consumers,lions are consumers, chida’s are consumers, they kill people much more then sharks do and those are cats while sharks eat just about anything thats gets in the water.
      henry would’ve killed the wrong species

    • NotElfish says:

      @zq ninja way to take this literally

    • Coco Loco says:

      Noooo! You shall not harm my furry friend! You’ll turn from a “sad lad” to a “non-existent lad” before that ever happens

  16. ProtoMario says:

    Every one is the hero of thier own story.

  17. Arman2468 says:

    “To end corruption, i took over the world as a dictatorship”

  18. Ckittle says:

    “To end modern day problems, I destroyed the planet”

  19. TreWillz says:

    When he came back and said : “So anyway I started blasting.”

    I fucking DIED 😂😂😂

  20. SomeRandom Passerby says:

    “people kept dying, so I killed everyone.”

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