Where Do Your Texts Go?

Where Do Your Texts Go?

How the hell does cellphone technology work?
Watch: ‘The Science of Emojis’ https://youtu.be/MzNPSJXTKWA
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20 Responses

  1. nikolasstormy says:

    Ooo, science.

  2. scoot flute says:

    Where do Hilary’s emails go

  3. ForTheLoveOfGabby says:


  4. SpeedKills says:

    When does the NSA read it though?

  5. Elias Flaters says:


  6. MirceaKitsune says:

    Meh… who still uses old SMS nowadays? Oh, right… modern websites for
    account activation.

  7. Koca Metallec says:

    DOPAMINE VS SEROTONIN ???????????????????

  8. Tanytui G says:


  9. Uncle Phil says:

    Do “where our taxes go” next.

  10. Mohammed Gharbiya says:

    17 hours? I get annoyed when it takes over 10 seconds

  11. Kleyko says:

    Giant cables under See? Okey. This suprised me.

  12. Meggiecakes :3 says:

    i was suppose to do a workout i got lost now

  13. Ahmad Babkier says:

    where does the electricity comes from in dinmo ?
    I mean what happened between the wire and the magnet

  14. Aliyah Salazar says:

    I love this (:

  15. Bfranx says:

    “Phones imbedded in our bodies by 2023.” I’m sorry, what?

  16. Chase Jumpman says:

    There is gonna a be no phone in my body wtd

  17. RhinoRyanGaming Games says:

    How Can U Be Color Blind?

  18. A Person says:

    The “softer” cuss words like damnit and hell seems forced lol

  19. MCWaxC - says:

    Where Do Balloons Go sequel potential? Am I the only one who loved or even
    remembers that book?

  20. popo says: