Which Store Makes The Best Custom Cake?

Which Store Makes The Best Custom Cake?

Zach hunts down cakes across LA in a quest to answer which chain store makes the best custom birthday cakes. All in a new show we just made up called Candid Competition. #TryGuys #HappyBirthdayZach

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47 Responses

  1. Marley Ginsky says:

    Ummmmm happy birthday Zach!!!!!

    Edit: ummm most likes in my life😂ly all!!!

  2. Cole D. says:

    When you try calling Walmart for something specific the whole store rings- so you may end up speaking to someone in the paint section instead. It’s a bad system

    • SpeediraWindira says:

      Cole D.
      For some stores it goes through the fitting room/customer service phones.They either send it to the right section or somewhere near it if the person working in it is on break.Occasionally the wrong section gets chosen because the person on the other end couldn’t understand what the customer was asking for.

    • Harlan Spinelli says:

      So then they are supposed to transfer…not hang up. It’s not the system it’s the workers. I wanna see what would happen if they had just tried a different Walmart


      SpeediraWindira the fitting room is thier main line for the store each department has thier own line. if the line keeps ringing that probably because theirs no one working in that department. If no one answers, the call goes back to the fitting room. The fitting room person was supposed to call the area manager to take that call because they can see if that call was answered and how long that caller has been hold. So basically it was the fitting room person who was the one that kept hanging up on Keith. I use to be a fitting associate for Wal-Mart so that kund of service really pissed me off.

  3. JUNGKOOK'S SOUL says:

    Happy birthday big boy Zach!👏🏻🎂🎂🎂

  4. Patricia Godsgrace Alfonso says:


  5. My names j f says:

    I feel more and more homosexual everytime I watch one of these videos

  6. zellty says:

    Happpy Birthday Big Boy

  7. Suji Kim says:

    Zach drop your skincare routine boi

  8. Bianca Danaee Montalvo says:

    I’m a Safeway cake decorator and I would have been pissed to get this order. Lol I would have said sorry we only go by the book we can’t do a copy written image or anything else. If he wanted to bring his picture in and have us scan it with our edible image machine that would have been easy but I don’t think people realize you have one decorator coming in at 1am doing 50-80 cakes alone on a weekend, atleast at my store I’m the only decorator.We try to make every customer happy and do our Best. But no one realizes your not going to a specialty bakery we use buttercream or whipped cream and an airbrush and a few piping tips and it’s a $10-$60 cake
    If you want a fondant perfect cake with a custom face and that’s going to cost you atleast $100 for time and all the supplies and your not going to find it at a grocery store lol this video gives me anxiety and I feel bad for the decorators. Fun video but the expectations where way too high 😩😂

  9. laikahh16 says:

    zach!!! hahaha the cake maker was so sweet :’))

  10. sparknugs bondnuzzz says:

    Fuck walmart

  11. planetwasabi says:

    lowkey might pay $28 for a hug from zach tbh

  12. NICOLE HEDRICK says:

    They’ve never had a Publix cake, that’s for sure!

  13. Chubby Panda says:

    Happy b-day Zach!!! ^^

  14. Brittany and Michael Vlogs says:

    If y’all didn’t go to Costco this test is invalid

  15. J Noel says:

    Oh my god I cried because of that lady from Ralph’s, she so kind 💕
    *p.s happy b-day big boiiiiii*

  16. Paige Anderson says:

    Who else wanted cake while watching.

  17. Pixellated Gun says:


  18. sinistella says:

    As someone who’s worked in bakery for a major chain store, I can confirm that it’s almost impossible to get ahold of the bakery, lmao. There’s usually only one person working and they are super busy. And in my store, at least, the phone was in a super weird location where you couldn’t honestly hear it unless you were standing near it.

  19. Ishan Ali says:

    Wait Zach is 28?!?! He looks 20

  20. abelina sabrina says:

    Where are the Costco cakes

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