White House Christmas Cold Open – SNL

White House Christmas Cold Open – SNL

President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) is visited by the spirits of Michael Flynn (Mikey Day), Billy Bush (Alex Moffatt), Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon).


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91 Responses

  1. Austin Pearce says:

    It was great seeing Hillary again

  2. gregoryarrants says:

    Merry Christmas Donald!

  3. Lu Hi says:

    The last time I️ was this early our democracy was still functioning…

  4. Kbitch Kal says:

    Why does Vladimir putin never have a top on 😂

  5. Cory Buffaloe says:

    Their last few Trump sketches were a little stale, but I thought this one was pretty funny!

    • Marathonracer says:

      Xiran Wang Jeez. You need to learn something about great comedy . Cory Bufaloe’s sophomoric negative pretentious bullshit and need to publicly express it, has nothing whatsoever to do with having a “different sense of humor”. Some unfunny people love to be armchair “critics” when they don’t have a clue about what makes a good comedy sketch. Either something is funny or it’s not. You can prefer anything you want in comedy, but a funny, creatively written and well acted sketch is still funny and doesn’t somehow become “stale” to the point where you have to tell the word about it. And again, the very large number of views proves it. Now go take the same advice, or ask an educated adult to explain it to you. BTW, evidently you overlooked one little fact – he has a right to his opinion and I have a right to mine. Where the fuck did you come from , with your two cents? Are your junior high school buddies goading you on ? LOL

    • mickdog7 says:

      the Hillary one got me LOL

    • ATXTube says:

      Stale? Lol. They’ve all been funny af

    • Nemo Krada says:

      Im getting tired of it. Why just not have a full time show with Alec Baldwin being Trump? That way lovers get their fill and i get to avoid it.

    • Nemo Krada says:

      Marathonracer Marathontroll

  6. Accountant150 says:

    SNL needs to add Robert Mueller or an actor who plays him.

  7. fidorover says:

    “Gotta say, these sealed indictments are gonna make great stocking stuffers.”
    — _Robert Mueller_

  8. jimmarra foster says:

    Yes Donny Boy, your demise is coming BIGLY. Your imaginary IQ can’t save you now. God… I’m loving every single moment of this.

  9. Führer Donald J. Trump says:

    The SNL Donald Trump seems to be saner than the actual Donald Trump.

  10. Homeless Vlog says:

    This will really trigger the Trumpflakes. XD

    • BradLee Jones says:

      Homeless Vlog …. Trumpflakes? That’ll never catch on! Keep trying though.

    • Homeless Vlog says:

      BradLee Jones already has I’ve seen it many times.

    • Kylo Rob says:

      Jeremy Backup You are a special kind of stupid. First of all, your clearly don’t know what it means to be a _traitor!_ Second of all, the stereotypical battle lines would be that Trump supporters would be actual Americans while non Trump supporters would be _”illegal aliens”_ otherwise known as _”non-documented non-Americans living in America”._

      No matter how you slice it, you are a damn fool.

    • Aj Hensley says:

      Jeremy Backup move me out punk

    • Das Maverick says:

      Not really. I’m a Trump SS Soldoten First Class since mein leader came down those steps, and I find this really funny.

      7 more years to come, MAGA!

  11. Alex Garcia's Channel says:

    Reading the low-IQ liberal/democrat childish fake comments pretending like this unfunny fake propaganda paid trending skit with an out of touch fat woman is actually good is quite sad and pathetic. The very fact that part of the liberal/democrat propaganda is claiming they are the smart people is truly hilarious and sad. Intelligent people do not need to claim their intelligence as part of rhetoric or propaganda talking points. The very fact that liberal/democrats have to do this puts into high doubt that they are intelligent at all. Which it is blatantly obvious anyone on the left for the most part the majority of them are complete idiots. It’s like the dumb people in some sort of tribe telling the other members they are smart over and over again to try and convince themselves and others that it’s actually true when it’s obvious to all that it’s not. When are these children going to put on their adult pants and realize they lost, the campaign is over, it’s over idiots. This is not a communist country so stop trying to undermine our legally elected president. You lost children, deal with it, get over it and move one. The fact is 90% of MSM spewing propaganda and rhetoric trying to undermine our country and president is not free press but a communist like propaganda machine from the left which is exactly what the Nazi’s did… Welcome to reality and factually deduced observations of the truth childish leftist morons. You incite violence against people who don’t agree with you, spew propaganda 24/7 from 90% of democrat owned MSM and try to take away others free speech. You are the Nazi’s. You are the problem. The 8 years or retarded liberal fantasy land of decaying idiotic culture of Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Bieber is over. The corrupt corporate age of ignorance, stagnation and failure that was pompous globalist Obama’s presidency is over. Your fake Russian faery tale nonsense excuse for corrupt garbage Hillary Clinton, the worst presidential candidate in US history, losing the election is dead. Your propaganda had no legs to begin with and was hatched within 24 hours of Hillary’s epic defeat. Anyone with half a brain or even the slightest amount of simple reasoning/comprehension and logical deduction knows these simple facts. There is a reason democrats lost the house, senate, presidency and majority of governorship’s. Literally all power in government. It damn sure wasn’t the Russians it was the people voting out all these failed corrupt Democrats. Those are the facts. Any denial of this reality and facts would be pure delusion and childish idiocy. Game over. FACTS. #LiberalTears #MAGA

  12. Karen's World says:

    Wow Kate had some quick changes!

  13. Cody Bishop says:

    It’s all a librul conspiracy. Fake News. Haha, just messing with ya’ll. Merry Xmas!

  14. William He says:

    KELLYWISE is gonna lock him up

  15. William He says:


  16. Stephen Mitchell says:

    Man, thank god Trump became president and not Hillary.

    • Micah Smith says:

      Joe Smith you know the tax bill heavily relies on trickle down economics right? Do you even know how that works? Also the tax breaks for the middle class will only last 4 years then they go right back up. If Trump doesn’t shut up on Twitter about North Korea they would definitely be stupid enough to attack us. Now north Korea on its own is no threat at all the problem there is if China got involved. Even so if just one missile hit the us that would be tragic. Instead of him acting like a 4 year old he should try and get some actual dialog going. Or just wipe them out either or Twitter and dumbass remarks are not the way to go about talking to other countries.

    • G. Green says:

      Joey Smith, Trump and the GOP are destroying the economy, the environment, and everything else they can get their foul, greedy hands on. F the stock market.

    • Winter Soldier says:

      Micah Smith if China is involved America might as well say goodbye 😂

    • VenomDalek says:

      Joe Smith You have Obama to thank for the economy, and Trump’s legitimizing hate speech

    • Rico Riggins says:

      Stephen Mitchell trolling wow

  17. TankCop says:

    hahaha funny thing I really expected it to be Steve Bannon at the end.

  18. Jeremy Backup says:

    That’s the greatest and most logical thing I’ve heard this holiday season. “Lock him up”. It is the season for Trump Treason.

  19. nlitenurmind says:

    Don’t worry Dems, you’ll feel better in 2024. 😁

    • Despina838 says:

      nlitenurmind Good luck getting Drumpf through 3 more years, let alone reelected, LOL. Can you say the most unpopular president in modern history?

    • Someone Else says:

      Despina838 Don’t underestimate how stupid the average person is, we elected bush twice.

    • Linda White says:

      Nope…the Democratic party is dead..they lost over 1000 seats there will never be another Demoncrat in the White House. The silent majority is YUGE , we are conservative and have found our voices.

    • The Real Killer Bean says:

      Despina838 maybe he’s the most unpopular president because now everyone is triggered by the smallest things. I’ve noticed that people this generation have grown to believe that every single little thing is offensive. so they can’t take trumps anti political correctness.

  20. Alex says:

    The mad king is especially mad this week.

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