White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man in Central Park Issues Apology | NBC New York

White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man in Central Park Issues Apology | NBC New York

A white woman called the NYPD and accused a black man of threatening her following an exchange that started when the man asked the woman to leash her dog in Central Park. She’s now issuing an apology after the video was seen millions of times.
NBC New York’s Checkey Beckford reports.

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64 Responses

  1. Mattie says:

    She’s an executive of Karen Enterprises.

  2. slpip says:

    She should be arrested for animal cruelty and a misdemeanor charge for filing a false police report.

    • Sam says:

      Doesn’t deserve to keep her dog either, the silly cow

    • This Is Irrelevant says:

      @Dgghuu X3rcrctvtv keep your piehole shut

    • Brittany Schubert says:

      Dgghuu X3rcrctvtv where was she threatened? Are we watching the same video?

    • Quintin R. says:

      Yep, I think the charge is referred to as an “Abuse of 911” or “Emergency System”. She should be charged, but as we can see-> she will not be!

    • Julena Monroe says:

      @Imalay Lunna Not only stay.. She ran up on him. Even after asking her to stay back.. People like her don’t fear for their life.. They only fear getting caught for the lies they tell to play victim instead of the aggressor.

  3. M.A says:

    She’s only apologizing because she knew she was on video, that’s why she kept telling him to turn it off.

    • jake canebrake says:

      why did he only start videoing AFTER he “told” the women to put her dog on a leash? bet it was way more threatening than the way he calmly described it during the interview….I can tell set up when I see it.

    • Brandon S says:

      TheTimeTraveler2025 where was this admission? He said that he carries treats because people don’t like strangers giving food to their dogs and they automatically leash them whenever he breaks out the treats.

    • Carl Auclair says:

      Never apologize.

    • Bob Schultz says:

      911 do you need police, fire, or medical? // caller: police, and probably medical too.// 911: ok where are you? // caller: a predominately white park. // 911: ok what seems to be the problem?// caller: There’s a man telling me to put my dog on a leash. //911: that’s perfectly acceptable ma’am. // caller: no you don’t understand, he’s black. // 911: got you, stay on the line with me, we’ll announce it as a hostage situation and send in the swat team. // caller: please hurry! (2 minutes later) 🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚔🚑👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️GET ON THE GROUND NOW!!! // black male suspect: what did I do?! // police: pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

    • Jessica Vega says:

      We live in an age where people call the police for every tiny inconvenience. They essentially call the cops for tantrums

  4. Tone_Setter_Brown says:

    Afterwards I would of called the police on her attempting to kill her dog 🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. honeyglow says:

    I feel so sorry for that man and the dog for everything they had to go through.

  6. MR e T says:

    What a lowlife! That person’s reaction and behaviour was totally unacceptable. Standing there threatening poor Karen’s life with his sheer presence and polite question. That woman must have been so shook.
    How dare he be black and be in a park near a wild Karen.

  7. D White says:

    WALK HER THROUGH THE RAMBLE LIKE CERCI! “Shame, Shame, Shame!” *throws rotten tomatoes

  8. eric gray says:

    She almost killed a dog and an African American man.

    • Jordan Nkosi says:

      What a shame

    • Al Fre says:

      They tell us Jeww-powered, Ahmaud Arbery was just an “innocent jogger.” Yeah, sure, I bet. Get this: He drove several miles from his mother’s home where he lived to the White (how terrible) neighborhood, while dressed in cargo shorts and wearing work boots to do a little jogging in a distant White suburb! Un-huh. Blacks have all kinds of basketball/tennis shoes and he picks work boots to jog in? Riiiight. Whites are plagued by several, mostly unreported, daytime robberies by a black-racist male matching his description.*
      When confronted by the two White humans looking to protect their neighborhood, the racist, beefy black ex HS football player with immediately attacked the White son and tried to steal away his shotgun. You too would want to be armed when it comes to dealing with Jeww-powered, blacks, because they’ll pull a gun or knife out of nowhere and kill you dead in a Jeww York City second. Happens all the time. It’s also said Racist-Arbery was carrying a hammer, which most joggers usually leave at home

    • No Name says:

      Al Fre just saying dude you’re racist asf and need to grow up. Life is full of diverse people and EVERYONE OF EVERY RACE IS A THREAT. They aren’t limited to a certain race. Get with the program.

    • Harris O.M.O says:

      @Al Fre you live a very sad hate filled life.

  9. Iqra I says:

    Can’t believe she made such a disgusting accusation especially in Central Park out of all places. She knew exactly what the implications are for the accusation she made and she tried to abuse her white privilege. Apology is nowhere near good enough

    • deathstar11 says:

      @Scom Tott No, it’s just mental instability. Maybe a sociopath. This type of reaction doesnt stem from trauma, it’s a chemical imbalance. She’s probably always been this way, and those closest to her are probably not surprised. One of those children you see at the mall or in the parking lot acting out and losing it. Embarrassing their folks but at the same time not surprising them. Shes probably or should be on some type of medication.

    • Trini MaJoWi says:

      Exactly! She knew what she was doing.

    • Trini MaJoWi says:

      Scom Tott
      I do not agree. She knew what she was doing. Other Caucasian people do it all the time, she wanted to follow and intimidate him. Glad he didn’t fall into that trap.

    • Brian Trend says:

      trini majowi   Racist Hypocrite

    • Charles Watts says:

      @Scom Tott That may be true, but you are still responsible for your actions, negative and positive, with no explanation accepted for being a bigot.

  10. Mariah Brown says:

    “Words are just words”
    No words are not just words in a 911 call.
    She even said that she knew the police would be a protective service for her. Shes wasting resources and help for her own agenda.

    • Angel Ntoni says:

      John Skith aww not you sweetheart, i was referring to the Youhann guy 🥰

    • Youhann van dam Don says:

      Mike Perry good atleast they won’t have to worry about you thugs robbing the place ? 😆😂😂😂

    • Youhann van dam Don says:

      Mariah Brown < MY COMMENT GOT DELETED BY YOUTUBE—- ( what I said earlier was). ( what about all the blacks attacking Chinese people )

    • Angel Ntoni says:

      Youhann van dam Don why did you ignore my question lolol ?

  11. 8jbird says:

    On the news they say, “the man says he is a bird watcher”. Chris Cooper is an excellent birder. He is on the Board of Directors at NYC Audubon Society. He is also in the documentary film “The Central Park Effect”. Glad he filmed this. She should be ashamed.

  12. Elliot J. says:

    I wonder if he can bring legal action against her. That was despicable.

    • George George says:


  13. Mao says:

    She’s sorry she got caught, the video has been watched by millions and her job suspended her. If it wasnt for the video, she would not be so sorry

  14. Zahra says:

    Imprison her, this is misdemeanor at the very least. These things have gone on for far too long, too many black men have died in situations just like this. She knew exactly what she was doing, and that ‘apology’ would never had happened if the video didn’t go viral. Glad Christian stood his ground with dignity and that he is okay.

  15. Its Business says:

    I stay away from people like this at ALL times 🤦🏽‍♂️ no telling what lie they might tell the cops!

  16. InfamousX says:

    Her statement at the end where she said she realizes some people “just don’t have that luxury”… she already knew that, that’s why she called the cops, if she didn’t think the case would have been more severe for him she wouldn’t have mentioned he was an African American… This here is a prime example of what a sociopath looks like

  17. sweggie boi says:

    Imagine if he didn’t bring his phone with him that day and couldn’t record this. He would be behind bars or shot

  18. norma mendoza says:

    So disturbing and I’m so disgusted, if it wasn’t for him recording he probably would have gotten arrested …sorry lady your White privileges didn’t work here for you 😂😂😂😂 get some mental help because obviously you have mental issues 🤔

  19. Imperium says:

    How has this woman not been arrested for animal cruelty, she’s literally choking her dog.

    Edit: She did get the dog taken away, thankfully.

    • Yeah I know says:

      Is that all you can think of, the f… dog. She could have got this man killed ffs. A black man, white women that is a recipe for death. She specially mentioned an African American male.

    • Ehsan Haque says:

      i like how she’s still lying in the apology. ‘Im sorry but that guy was screaming and I didnt know what was in the treats’. The dog treat recipe is with the company that made it and has nothing to do with this incident, lol

    • Lord, Faucet Failure says:

      My dog loves being choked. Whenever I walk him in a direction he doesn’t want to go he won’t stop choking himself unless I finally let him walk wherever he wants.

    • c w says:

      I’m so grateful to hear this. Thank you.

    • Andrew Cisneros says:

      YES!! thank you for informing us

  20. Cagon415 says:

    “I don’t see color…
    unless I’m calling the police.”

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