Who is She? | Anwar Jibawi

Who is She? | Anwar Jibawi

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41 Responses

  1. Anwar Jibawi says:

    Thanks for watching! Comment your favorite part

  2. Sparda & AndroidSaucer says:

    How you get these many girls?

    Yet not many friends on a video?

  3. Prince G says:

    So he basically stole all the girls from Rudy’s song “Mama”??

  4. MK Aquatics says:

    Damn this got me laughing so hard ????keep on doing the good work bro we highly appreciate your videos!!

  5. XXXRIPACION says:

    Am I the Only One Who Hates Finishing Watching a New Anwar’s Video 🙁

  6. Kulasande Edmore says:

    Mom and daughter hve the same boyfriend ??

  7. Mary imen says:

    You are so creative ???
    Love from Algeria ?? ?????

  8. Mustafa810 C says:

    When he said “Susan” I started dying????????

  9. hoomn bean says:

    I was just with you last—


    -Anwar Jibawi, 2019

  10. CoR6 says:

    When your little brother snitches on you

    All the family gather lol

  11. Vid Tarnik says:

    Who is also watching this video in his bed ?
    Leave a like

  12. gracearianator slip says:

    Liked subscribed and turned on post notifications ❤️. Love your channel Anwar

  13. Vicky Li says:



  14. Anyieth Jacob says:

    You are the best comedian I have ever seen i my entire life Mr Anwar ??

  15. BoT YoUnEs says:

    This is like that show on tlc where the mans girlfriends and wife come to visit him when he is sick at the hospital

    Like if you’ve seen it

  16. Hamza Al-asadi says:

    That was genius how you made the first two girls think the other one is a bff?

  17. King Jay91 says:

    When you say “my girlfriend meets my best friend!” ????

  18. PandaRules says:

    When your the popular guy at school and you get injured

  19. Janell fuller says:

    The ending is so funny
    Oh gooood!!!!!
    I’m crying ?

  20. The Kuldeep Singhania says:

    Was in depression , my doctor prescribed me Anwar Jibawi Videos
    I wish one day the doctors prescribes someone my videos as well

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