Whoopi Goldberg Surprises ‘The View’ After Pneumonia Battle For Brief Return

Whoopi Goldberg Surprises ‘The View’ After Pneumonia Battle For Brief Return

“The only way it’s going to get better is if I begin, so this is my beginning,” she told the co-hosts after surprising them while on-air Thursday.

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49 Responses

  1. blood honey says:

    08:57 OMG what’s wrong with MEGHAN!??!? ??‍♀️

  2. Canneto33 says:

    Whoopi is back!!! We are so grateful. (Meghan why jump in with “WE all visited” your constantly priortizing your image above all & frankly doing so actually diminishes it..)

  3. Mrs.2Pac/Freddie Mercury says:


  4. Franco Cignelli says:

    ABC you have to do something about Megan. She’s constantly making everything about her.

  5. Cheryl R Leigh says:

    LOL at NutMeg’s multiple attempts to make this about herself. Welcome back, Whoop ??

  6. Rio AF says:

    Meghan, simmer down and that screeching voice really ruined the moment.

  7. Kieya Hudson says:

    So glad Whoopi is back and doing better!!!!

    Also, Meghan literally always has to make everything about herself ? can she go now please? 8:56

  8. jts1968 says:

    Even hearing a story that doesn’t include her, Meghan has to jump in to say she went to visit as well. Can she be any more self-centered.

  9. MLO says:

    Private insurance is false security – medicaid/care for all, one payer healthcare system is the only way 😉

  10. Libra Me says:

    Megan take it easy Whoopi was just talking about that particular visit.Jeez Megan she wasnt leaving you guys out

  11. Jazzy One says:

    So happy to see Whoopi! She looks great!

    Of course Meghan had to make Whoopi’s story about Meghan and make sure everyone knew that she visited as well. So self-centered.

  12. Rio AF says:

    What is up with Meghan’s face when Whoopi shared story about ladies at hospital by mentioning her name at 9:55? Seems like Meghan’s thinking “Huh, can’t believe it. Oh those ladies at the hospital must not like me”

  13. Jonelle85 says:

    Jesus Christ, Meghan just can’t help herself.

  14. axiytuns says:

    This is why free healthcare should be a *Right* for everyone in the country, so many people who were in whoopie’s similar situation have died just because they couldn’t afford healthcare insurance… #Bernie2020

  15. Corll says:

    Meghan really ruined this with extra large serving of cringe

  16. Jessica Johnson says:

    The relationship between Whoppi and Joy warms my heart

  17. OneLoveOneLife says:

    Meghan, Meghan, Meghan. It is hilarious the way she Usain Bolt-ed over to Whoopi. You can never leave “ME” again. You always find a way. I can’t. I just cannot. ? Welcome back, Whoopi. Happy you’re on the mend. X

    • jesample says:

      OneLoveOneLife Meghan wants Whoopi back because Joy will call her out and Whoopi will go to commercial. I still laugh at how Meghan shut down after Joy commented about her having a hissy fit.

  18. truthfullies28 says:

    In case there was any doubt: MEGHAN VISITED WHOOPI IN THE HOSPITAL!!!
    Leave it to that snowflake to make it all about herself ?

  19. Latoya Jackson says:

    They can now get rid of Megan McCain. Hopefully ?

  20. abhimanit12 says:

    Well the only more Narcissistic person than Meghan I have seen is Trump.. but she is a close one..

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