WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM? with Hailey Rhode Bieber | Guest Kendall Jenner plays “Never Have I Ever”

WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM? with Hailey Rhode Bieber | Guest Kendall Jenner plays “Never Have I Ever”

Wild conversations. Different guests. Same bathroom. Join me on the premiere episode of Who’s in My Bathroom? with special guest and my best friend: Kendall Jenner. Things get quirky and we go deep in the most unexpected (yet least surprising) place in the house – my bathroom.

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46 Responses

  1. Hyucks says:

    kendall crying bc she isn’t married or no one ever proposed her lmaooo

  2. Mands Peixoto says:

    hailey using videos to show herself and her visions, that’s amazing

  3. Ximena Venado says:

    “I’ve never been engaged… no one has ever proposed to me” * cries*

  4. Jaclyn Forbes says:

    hailey. omg. u were the first person i ever interviewed 5 years ago lol and I WAS SO NERVOUS but u were so kind 🥺💗🥲 at the MMVAs! forever grateful

  5. Sonny Loops says:

    omg i love this so much!!!

  6. Nimzm says:

    Kendall is really cute when she gets confused over little things. I want to the unedited version of this

  7. Christina Chang says:

    Can’t stop laughing when both were drinking on the pregnant part LMAO. This friendship is the cutest, love them so muchh

  8. Debri Riri says:

    The more Kendall get drunk the more funnier gets 😆

  9. Layan Nawaf says:

    “Have someone write a song about me” ??? Harry styles😂😂??

  10. Lilo Chaves says:


  11. ivy Sla says:

    I died of laughter and sadness at the same time when kenny said “I’ve never been engaged … no one has ever proposed to me” hahahhaha🤣

  12. Elisa Maks says:

    Kendall is so much fun when she’s drunk lmaoo

  13. Suchona Hasnat says:

    Okay even the crazy rich people gift bowls and plates and whole dinner set in weddings. That’s a relief.

  14. Zhané Sakarii says:

    Literally haven’t gotten to see Haileys personality in like three years. I’m so excited I forgot she even had one and I didn’t even realize how much I missed it 😂❤️❤️ Anyone remember her snap stories back in the day? She was so funny n cute

  15. GS_ gaming says:

    No body :
    Literally nobody:
    Means literally nobody:
    Hailey : making quotes of iconic things they said !

  16. xoxo daniellaslays says:

    “Is it weird to say I’d make out with myself?” – Kendall Jenner, 2021.

  17. Kevin Casalduc says:

    She is lying, I’m always asking her for a marriage every day in her DM

  18. Carna dana says:

    Kendall: “Is it weird that I kissed myself in the mirror?”
    Hailey: “No, you’re cute”
    Their relationship is so cute

  19. Nelly Sofie says:

    I laughed so hard when Kendall started crying because she’s not married and not has ever proposed to her omg

  20. cal says:

    Have bella hadid on and ask if she’s ever had a whole album written about her 😏

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