Why a storm surge can be the deadliest part of a hurricane

Why a storm surge can be the deadliest part of a hurricane

It can start before a hurricane even makes landfall.

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What really concerns experts, though, are places that don’t experience a lot of hurricanes but are still vulnerable to storm surge.
This map shows that in the event of a big hurricane, based on the characteristics of the shoreline, the coasts of Northwest Florida and Georgia would be at comparable risk to the Gulf Coast.

These areas have shallow water, which means sea level can rise faster and water can reach further inland making the flooding worse.
But they’ve seen fewer hurricanes than the Gulf Coast and they are likely to be less prepared.
So when a major hurricane like Irma hits low-lying areas like these, the storm surge can be the first and deadliest thing headed their way.

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20 Responses

  1. Whinette Karmina says:

    Please, add metric system measurements for everyone out there. 🙂

  2. King Keith says:

    i’m i the only one that finds hurricanes interesting and beautiful

  3. Abradolf Lincler says:

    Here in the Dominican Republic, the North Region got hit really hard by Irma, destruction every where.

  4. BananaRepublic says:


  5. McBallerCheese says:

    I have lived with both the imperial and metric systems my entire life and never had issues. Show me a unit of measurement and I will recognize it. Why is it that whenever only imperial numbers are shown, the uneducated masses complain?

  6. قناة منوعه اغاني ورياضه says:

    Peace be upon you I am subscribed to your channel Possible publish my channel in the description you have in the share of the exclusion of your co-workers Khali share with me if possible Help me link my channel


  7. Figy Figvam says:

    Good thing I live in Washington!

  8. Christian's #1 Fan says:

    Met this guy from Florida today and he told me California has earthquakes, so he doesn’t feel safe living there. He feels safer living in Florida. Lmao ok.

  9. Jake ate a Taco says:

    I thought the storm surge was the low pressure in the eyes raising the water level and them dragging it wherever it goes. Did 9th grade Earth science lie to me?

  10. Atom Briones says:

    everyone’s talking about the hurricanes and stuff and talking about oh wow you can talk about a hurricane but not a mass genocide in rohingya or other stuff.

    y’all my teachers have been talking about how there’s literally a possibility of nuclear war and no ones talking about it besides the media. no schools are taking action, there’s no nuclear drills at school, etc. if there’s a nuclear war it’s not just genocide it’s human extinction

  11. Go Fuck Yourself says:

    The levees didnt break. They were blown up by demolition by the government. Look it up. Thats where all the water came from

  12. AGROturtle says:

    lol I hope that hurricane makes that totally legit 90 degree turn

  13. Diego Vera says:

    Tomorrow do earthquakes (I’m from Mexico)

  14. Sakib Sagirul says:

    And Global Warming is not an important issue!

  15. Mr pat says:

    Boiii do i love living under the sea level. (I live in the Netherlands)

  16. drink15 says:

    Just move north. The coast is nice, but not worth your life.

  17. Vysair says:

    Do you still not believing global warming?

  18. w0rld d says:

    Such interesting and valuable videos. Thank you.

  19. ZiP says:

    I’m in Central FL, Osceola Florida if you wish to get specific, and the wind has already picked up quite a bit. I’m just preparing for tomorrow and Monday. Also, if you live in South Florida, or a coastal area like Tampa, please evacuate!

  20. zadel88 says:

    I still don’t get how a hurricane can gain force after having contact with land, albeit those where islands, Irma touched several of them leveling them up (literally), and instead of slowing down, it gained force… I need someone smarter than me to explain how is that even possible.

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