Why Alien Life Would be our Doom – The Great Filter

Why Alien Life Would be our Doom – The Great Filter

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Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news – or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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Why Alien Life Would be our Doom – The Great Filter

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82 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Thanks a lot to Brilliant.org for supporting this video!  Support Kurzgesagt and be one of the first 688 people to sign up with this link to get 20% off their annual membership! https://brilliant.org/nutshell/

    • random jacksepticeye fan says:

      But if we find intelligent life on other planets, maybe the have already broken through the filter and can teach us.

    • Anchit Das says:

      Hey man you post best videos in YouTube .

    • Osama Shakir says:

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell although some of your videos are extremely useful. But some of them like this is basically pure science “fiction”. Sometimes i truly want to see how this world looks without all the cgi in our so called scientific videos

    • Alexandre de Souza says:

      Manuqtix So edgy, I almost cut myself.
      Tell me more on how Religion interferes with Space Travel.

  2. Mikasi33 says:

    The great filter ahead of us is the Reapers

  3. S C says:

    This video is garbage…. We don’t know enough about space to even consider it being empty…

    • Pernell Foster says:

      500 billion some odd planets. It is scientifically and mathematically irrational too presume that only 1 planet out of billions has functioning thinking life-forms. E-rational

    • Zachary Rodriguez says:

      You seem to think you know enough to make that assumption. Where’s your credibility?

    • Drive Boy says:

      S C The video didn’t at all state or even implied that space is empty, you are a giant fucking idiot. The narrator just said that space SEEMS empty to us in our current stage of technology which is true , fuck I really hate stupid people who don’t think before writing down stupid shit.

    • XXTALEN says:

      Indeed, an interesting hypothesis. But nothing more.

    • Chucha Madre says:

      shut yo dumbass up

  4. Tipsy River says:

    Looks like all we need is a ladder and we already have that! I’m surprised more civilizations didn’t think of that 🤔

  5. portalMaster299 says:

    This video’s fault in in assuming that The Great Filter theory must be true. While it might be, it is still just one of hundreds of solutions to the Fermi Paradox, and the video should have done more to address that fact. I personally believe in a lesser form of the “They’re made of meat theory”, where all common trends of life are like that due to them being efficient survival tools in Earths conditions, but all but the most basic assumptions humans have ever made about life are only true on Earth. This is due to the fact that on a planet with different conditions, life would develop differently. Plus, the assumption that there no traces of aliens, is completely improvable, as how we scan for aliens is by scanning for radio waves, something that an alien civilization may have never even heard of. All I’m saying is that this video should have at least mentioned that this was just a theory, and that these points are based off an interpretation of facts that we as humans know next to nothing about.

    P.S. I wrote this at 1 AM, so forgive me for any spelling, grammar, or any other offenses I may have committed.

    P.P.S. You all should read “They’re made of meat”

    • Hagane no Gijutsushi says:

      Yes, but one could argue that something like “all cultures expand” or “all culture risk self-destruction” is deeply rooted in assumptions that are based upon the notion of OUR base instincts prevailing over reason. We have no reason to risk life and limb to expand if we can live comfortably on Earth merely by knowing our own limits. It would actually still be a much more comfortable life than jumping from system to system in century-long trips on generation ships. We certainly have no reason to self-destruct, that is not a rational thing to do, clearly at some point on that road someone fucked up big time; but our mentality (and its instinctual drives) make it a distinct possibility we ARE aware of. We put in place cultural safeguards against that, but if they were to fail, then it would definitely be a problem. When one sees nationalism and tribalism running rampant as much as they are now (and cyclically), it seems hard to me to argue that our occasional regressing to being fundamentally territorial apes that are WAY in over their heads isn’t important in our history as a species.

    • Tudsamfa says:

      Stevee Johnson

      %quot; %quot; ' , am i right, fellow humans?

    • Sir Jaojao says:

      portalMaster299 agreed, we don’t know if the filter theory is true or not

    • Micky Mouth says:

      When they discuss if the filter is behind us, they are essentially discussing if The Great Filter is not true. The Great Filter theory limits our future only if it lies ahead of us. Otherwise, all options are on the table. For instance, even if the jump from prokaryotic to eukaryotic life was the Great Filter that we have already successfully passed through, this does not mean we are destined to leave our planet and colonize exoplanets. It just means that this possibility to open us along with countless other possibilities.

  6. thelegendarygamer876 says:

    Just use noclip lol

  7. Kirby of the Stars says:

    It could also be that because light can take millions of years to reach us, aliens could be all over but we have yet to see. 🙂

    • Monsterless says:

      Kirby of the Stars light years: A very long distance that equals maybe millions, billions, or trillions of miles away. Light is the one of the fastest things in the universe. If we could some how obtain light year speed, we could be able to discover other planets within a few years or a few decades. We would find other life on planets and find habitables planets just in case if we were going to go extinct soon

  8. Christian Leber says:

    The great filter is just one of many theories, why we don’t see advanced life everywhere. Another one I find great is that advanced life is so advanced that we can’t even recognize the things they create. Like an ant that doesn’t understand the highway it’s living next to.
    For the great filter I still believe that violence will be ours. If we can’t get past the deep embedded need to be violent as human race, we’ll die out.
    Ooh and by the way: I don’t see AI uprising as a great filter, since the AI would just be the next step in evolution. It would replace us (if it ever comes to that)

    • Drive Boy says:

      Christian Leber Yep that is a really interesting theory. Quite scary though and also depressing since an ant will never have the capability to live long enough nor will it ever be smart enough to understand the intricacies and procedures of building a highway.

    • Lal3l says:

      But then again: ants have their own highways and they are sufficient for their needs. I think it’s also our inherent hubris, wanting to be special that we can’t focus on problems at hand instead of potentially creating new ones. So I think violence created by our hubris is what will be our doom.

    • Rowan McMullan says:

      Lal3l interestingly enough though, wanting to be special is in part what leads us to say we’re past the filter and the first to make it this far; and especially that we’d be the ones to wander an empty galaxy.
      Yet at the same time it also leads us to the conclusion that the filter is ahead of us, and that nothing can pass it simply because we don’t know about them

  9. jhpjhun says:

    Great Filter: Donald Trump

  10. Nature's Finest says:

    Ruins of ancient civilizations wouldn’t be horrible if we could learn from them

    • Iwo Rymer says:

      “Here is a blueprint to make a black hole gun” – alien language

      So we built it right?…

      20 months later… We absorb earth into a black hole 😉

    • Neurotic Knight says:

      We don’t need a black hole gun, we can shoot each other to death, fact we havent is sufficient enough.

  11. justin pierce says:

    Classic Stellaris xenophobia

  12. Baked n Blessed says:


    • Iwo Rymer says:

      Genius people in google want to make an AI within 10 years from now… So perhaps it will cause a nuke war faster then muslims?

    • Ample17 says:

      Iwo Rymer muslims dont drive us to the edge of nuclear war. America is…

    • andrew lailvaux says:

      speak for yourself.

    • Iwo Rymer says:

      +Ample17 Yet, the keword is yet. You know, Tom Clancy created one of the most likely presentations on how a IIIWW would look like (red storm) Of course it was positioned in the 80s but the idea that an attack on oil pipelines near the caucasus mountains, witch would cause a war is briliant. it’s still very likely and there is one group witch would very like if western nations and Russia (and that would bring China into the fold too) would fight… Muslims

      In Clancy’s red storm Muslims were to blame.

      And America isn’t driving to the edge of war becouse Trump won. Had americans chosen crooked Hilary, things would have been difrent.

  13. Billy K says:

    I like watching these videos because they make me feel smart when I’m definitely not smart

  14. p.s.s. santosh says:

    What’s your animation software!?❤️❤️

  15. Brando Calrisian says:

    This video is almost completely nonsense

  16. BanditRants says:

    As a video editor who spends hours making videos, there is nothing more inspiring to watch than a Kurzgesagt episode.

  17. PsychedSubstance says:

    I’ve never disliked a Kurzgesagt video before now. This makes me very sad.

    • PigsUnite says:


    • Boznean says:

      Yeah they’re delving too deep into something that is completely unknown. “The Great Filter” is the result of overthinking and not having enough *actual* evidence. Telling us that finding life is bad is actually stupid.

    • childof83 says:

      Im not going to say it is stupid, but its just how confident they sounded in their conclusion. They made it seem like this theory was fact and not a theory.

    • Akvilė Kitovaitė says:

      What do you guys even expect from a video about finding alien life? I mean of course they make assumptions, you should understand that there are many theories and nobody is trying to present this one as truth. They don’t have to mention that not everything they say is a fact, that’s just obvious.

    • Abraxo Cleaner says:

      @Uraneum: a true sci-fi fanatic would rather commit suicide than admit there are no alien civilizations out there

  18. Spotastic says:

    Cute art + awesome science = 😍

  19. Julian Danzer says:

    it wouldn’t necessarily be horrible – a bit depressing maybe .- a great filter ahead of us on the way to a galactic empire wouldn*T necessarily be a filter that kills every civilisation, just one that prevents them from colonising much further – interstellar spaceflight just being incredibly hard, even with future technolgoy would qualify fine

  20. Life's Wild Adventures says:

    I found your flaw
    Life doesn’t come from dead stuff
    Scientific %100 life only comes from other life. Seriously your like hmmm maybe it’s hard for dead stuff the gain life….Are you kidding me!? My gosh…..

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