Why Bernie Sanders is Actually Winning

Why Bernie Sanders is Actually Winning

Did you remember to subtract then re-add the super delegates?

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Mike Trapp
Grant O’Brien

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2nd Assistant Camera / DIT – Parker Ronan
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18 Responses

  1. dayewneekness says:

    :::Hillary Clinton paid me to say this::: fuck Bernie!

  2. aquamop15 says:

    Bernie Sanders is a pathetic Communist and the fact that anyone would
    support him is ridiculous. Bernie Sanders=”Eat The Rich! Subsidize Poverty!
    Reward Laziness! Embrace Mediocrity! Surrender To Our Enemies! Greed And
    Lust Is What’s Wrong With Our Country! Now Give Me 90% Of Your Income Or
    You’re Going To Jail.” Bernie the Delusional Communist has plans that are
    unfathomably flawed and impossible. When you’re taxing corporations super
    highly, you’re not just taxing the billionaire CEOs of McDonald’s and
    Walmart. You’re also taxing the owner of that small diner in your town. We
    see positive things when you reduce corporate taxes. Look at what happened
    when Reagan slashed them back in the 80s. A slow but steady economic growth
    occurred, because capital became more flowing. It’s nearly mathematically
    impossible for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic Nomination, so just
    give it up already. Bernie Sanders never had a 9-5 job, never proposed a
    single bill that was passed with 25 years in the office, and lived off
    welfare before he was elected to office. Self-described Socialist (Although
    he really is a Communist) Bernie Sanders is on the campaign trail screaming
    about raising the minimum wage to $15 for low-wage jobs. However, he only
    pays his interns $12 per hour. Typical Democrat, unwilling to practice what
    they preach. Seriously, enough with the Bern, nobody is feeling it.
    #Trump2016 Let’s Make America Great Again!

  3. olly says:

    Sub to me and I will sub to you back on my 16 active accounts

  4. DomSchu says:

    I love this.

  5. TIm Cowley says:

    Super delegates don’t count until they vote. I agree that the math is not
    in Sanders favor and those who think otherwise are delusional, but I found
    this video frustrating in that it seems to promote counting super delegates
    before they vote. The only reason super delegates are added to Hillary’s
    total is that the media sources that do so support her as the nominee.
    Super delegates can change their minds, just like any other voter. Adding
    super delegates before they vote is no different than taking early poll
    results of likely voters and adding pledged delegates to the totals before

    I’m not saying they are likely to change their minds. I’m part of the camp
    that thinks many, but not all, would if Sanders pulled ahead in pledged
    delegates. I don’t think he will so I think they will all remain with
    Clinton. The polls indicate he is unlikely to pull ahead in pledged
    delegates, but I’m going to wait until the votes are actually counted
    before I assume Clinton is the nominee.

  6. Rooster Cogburn says:

    This is exactly the way I see Algebra… I am there trying to figure it out
    and teachers keep adding extra ass steps.

  7. Put Some Respek On My Name [YSL] says:

    I really don’t like the tone of this video.

  8. Derivative MVs says:

    This is exactly like learning Algebra; 2 does NOT equal 3! Why make an
    equation to make us think it does? What bloody purpose does proving common
    sense wrong do aside from teach us that buying BOGO does not give us more
    for our buck?
    I’m done now :3

  9. duke silver says:

    Yeah don’t try to understand it lib-tards. Thinking isn’t exactly your
    strong suit

  10. MrWhatsHisFace says:

    Yes, but is it gluten free?

  11. BANG!BANG!TV says:

    I like how people who are republicans in general have no profile pic

  12. Alex English says:

    he isn’t

  13. Nic Felker says:

    Not sure if suppose to be funny or actually uninformative on purpose.


  14. Mobius One says:

    One word can describe this video. Denial. Hillary will get the nomination.
    When she wins all you Sanders supporters are going to feel so stupid.

  15. TheDajamster says:

    The super delegates Have Not Voted Yet. Hillary has 1,428 delegates. Bernie
    has 1,153. She is ahead by 275 delegates. 384 are up for grabs in today’s
    primaries. (PA, CT, RI,MD & DE) We shall see.

  16. Almir Borovci says:

    As long as trump doesn’t win

  17. Paul Daveer says:

    People always talk about super delegates but if you took away
    super-delegates he would still lose. r/politics pls watch this video.

  18. Steven Krazier says:

    Change the title to….Why the hell are we still talking about Bernie
    Sanders when there is a zero percent chance he will be the Democratic
    nominee? Fast forward 2 years…..NOBODY WILL BE TALKING ABOUT BERNIE, give
    it a rest already.