Why Can Mosquitoes Transmit Zika, But Not the Flu?

Why Can Mosquitoes Transmit Zika, But Not the Flu?

Mosquitoes transmit a number of terrible diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and the Zika virus, but why not the flu?

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. Rins K says:

    This is why I leave all my room spiders free to roam around..

  2. Slurcho Kotkins says:

    Why are there mosquitoes around my anus?

  3. Matthew Lastnames says:

    now i can sound smart at work :))

  4. turd burgler says:

    How come sometimes when u get bit by mosquitos u get huge bee size sting
    marks, other times u can get bit nonstop and recieve no red marks.?l got
    bit like atleast a hundred times couple days ago and theres no sign of a
    bite anywhere. Yet summer before i looked like i had skin cancer.

  5. wholeNwon says:

    Makes you wonder what the evolutionary pressures were/are that prompted the
    development of such complex relationships.

  6. Hannah Leyden says:

    What about AIDS?

  7. rjcass33 says:


  8. Absynthexx1 says:

    While nothing in this video was false, the importance of cell receptors is
    misleading if you simply focus on the ability of the viruses to replicate
    in both mosquitoes and humans. The virus does not HAVE to be able to
    replicate in the mosquito to be able to be transmitted. The more relevant
    point about receptors is that influenza can only bind to and infect a
    specific subset of cells with a specific receptor in the lung epithelial
    cells. Mosquitoes aren’t exactly likely to take a blood meal there. This is
    also why its 100% false that some people believe the flu vaccine gives them
    the flu. You can’t get the flu from the flu vaccine, from a mosquito biting
    you after biting someone with the flu, or even from someone with the flu
    sneezing on your leg or arm. It has to go in through your respiratory tract
    and reach your lungs.

  9. sierragoldrush says:

    Temperature plays no role? Skeeters are pretty damn cold.

  10. Susan Raezer says:


  11. Jam_Mortuum says:

    Why do nipples get hard?

  12. Jonathantje / Bammerbom says:

    Zika blyat.

  13. miniMEGA29 says:

    Mosquiyoes are annoying but i dont mind if they are doing thise itchy
    motherfuckers on my skin :D

  14. Xeno Phon says:

    Why is the Zika virus patented by a Foundation that worked on the GMO
    mosquito program with the Bill gates foundation? Also, why did the Zika
    outbreak happen in areas these GMO mosquitoes were released in?

  15. Jason Climer says:

    How does this fall into the Hygiene Hypothesis?

  16. Muthu Kannan (Manki) says:

    Aww, don’t be a hater, Hank :)

  17. X One says:

    I threw a can of Campbell Soup through a food processor with some extra
    stuff like… roasted seaweed and a handful of cheezits. Have a severe case
    of mouth ulcers can’t even eat the soft veggies in the soup as a result.
    It… didn’t come out quite as planned and I needed to reprocess it but
    didn’t have the energy. So I placed the soup (now in a bowl and some I had
    put in a large mug) in my fridge with the ladle I was going to use to
    portion it out as I ran it through the processor again in the bowl. Covered
    the bowl with tin foil because I was out of plastic wrap but didn’t cover
    the mug, and left it for a day and a half when I went to get it out the
    bowl had frozen solid. The mug however stayed perfectly…sludgy and
    nothing else near that part of the fridge was remotely frozen. Was it
    because the tin foil was holding in all the heat from the soup and later
    the cold?

  18. hoga70 says:

    Why does the parasite reproduce asexually to then reproduce sexually? Why
    not just continue reproducing asexually, to remove the factor of having to
    have another individual to reproduce with?

  19. Chris Trick says:

    What are those white lines in the sky by airplanes, why are they so visible
    but the airplanes are not?

  20. Memestreamer Inc. says:

    But why is there Zika around my mosquitoes?