Why Die?

Why Die?

Watch part 2 from Kurzgesagt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoJsr4IwCm4

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20 Responses

  1. CGP Grey says:

    Whenever Kurzgesagt and I get together the topic of life extension comes up. A lot. Go watch his part 2 video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoJsr4IwCm4

  2. X Y says:

    what if you didn’t want to be born in first place?

  3. vLAD Sartini says:

    The only way you can know what’s good is if you’ve experienced both bad and good, otherwise, it just is, you don’t categorize as good or bad, but rather, just normal, the same way someone who had their legs paralyzed and then are able to get back walking, walking makes them happy, but for someone that never had a issue, it’s just a part of life. In other words, if good is all you get, then there is no value in it, rather, it becomes what is expected, if Death isn’t constant, then Time becomes irrelevant, therefore living doesn’t have a sence of urgency, which brings meaning to a lot of stuff we do, which then brings please and happiness.

  4. Gunhaver says:

    Hedonistic paradox much? Happiness means nothing without a contrast. We’ve known this for at least a thousand years when we see people that should be “objectively happy” but they are always sad. We know that the human brain will adjust to constant stimulation like happiness, and soon your constant happiness becomes your neutral.

    I really don’t know why you try to make the point that happiness doesn’t need a contrast, when it has been so thoroughly disputed for thousands of years. Not only that, this point doesn’t really add much to your video.

  5. knight wing says:

    Modern medicine should find a way to extend youth instead of extending old age. Failure to do this is my biggest problem with modern medicine.

  6. Charlie Newman says:

    this vid is something of a letdown compared to cgp grey’s previous vids…wordy, naive, and — for me — boring.

  7. WarlikePrimal says:

    *I don’t fear death, only dying.*
    Not existing is total peace without suffering. On the other hand, the way The Reaper ambles into your life to pilfer all that you love before, tenderly, choking you to oblivion as you stare into the void where his face should be?
    That is horrifying…

  8. Nate Tirade says:

    *”Fiddler on the Green” plays in distance*

  9. NerdieStuff Anime says:

    I can never die

  10. Mike Schilder says:

    I need a hug

  11. Hector F says:

    The thing is, it is relatively easy to slow ageing… all you have to do is make some specialised stem cells, but you would have to face the consequences. Mass overpopulation would occur and then everyone would die from starvation, which probably isn’t as good as just living a good life for the given time you have…. πŸ™‚

  12. Lennart says:

    I dont want to live forever.

  13. Croktor The Dragonborn says:

    The surprising amount of dislikes on a *CGP Grey* Video just shows how people stil think Death is a good thing

  14. Vulxanis Viceroy says:

    Lol this is operating on a lot of assumptions. There is some inevitability in death. Beyond transferring your consciousness to a metal body (which IMO would be worth than death) you will die. If for no other reason, but that the genome will only split so many times before you will fall apart.

  15. Ben Crispe says:

    <30 years old: Live forever!
    >50 years old: Die of natural causes.
    30-50 years old: Don’t know/have mixed feelings

  16. Daisey Anastie says:

    Mr nobody! The last mortal man

  17. darkmage07070777 says:

    I really really really want to believe in this. Unfortunately, one word looms large in my mind:

    And I mean for real this time.

    We’re only just now starting to stabilize the human population across the world, but that’s assuming people continue to die at around 70-80 everywhere. What happens when they stop dying from anything internal? Sure, we can say there’ll always be those looking for death, but what if nobody’s willing to die when the call is made? How will we keep human overpopulation from becoming an actual crisis since reproduction will continue to make more and more humans to feed/cloth/entertain/etc? Will we need to begin sterilizing everyone save a very select few? Will we need to have a “death lottery” where those chosen will be killed whenever the population reaches certain limits?

    And that’s to say nothing of changes to more “minor” societal concepts such as suicide and the comatose – I can foresee a time where the former is actively encouraged to make room for their brethren while the latter are unplugged immediately after a timer goes off to give the resources to people who need it. Hell, I can even take this further to its darker conclusion, where ANY injury or sickness is considered a waste of resources to treat when so many perfectly healthy people need those resources. Better to just kill them all now and end their suffering quickly…

    As I said, I would be all for the end of death by age if the future could be so rosy. But looking at what the future holds while population still isn’t 100% controlled today, I’m not sure I’d want to be a part of it.

  18. TheBlacklightProjekt says:

    No we need death for without death there won’t be life. If there is no death and just life, it will runrampent, and when life runs rampent it becomes a cancer.

  19. Doom Marine says:

    This is hard to think about but also easy. Does that make any sense?

  20. corey the proxy says:

    the 1,000 yewr reich will save humanity
    religions are killing us slowly

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