Why Do Babies Smell So Good?

Why Do Babies Smell So Good?

You may be familiar with it, that sweet comforting smell of new babies. So why do babies have this particular odor? Well, it has to do with psychology and a little bit of biology.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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19 Responses

  1. skyboundmisfit says:

    And I knew a girl who thought skunks smelled good.

  2. Xenos says:

    “Why do babies smell so good?”

    Why do babies taste so good?

  3. LvlFlash auz says:

    its the women’s pussy juice that makes them smell good

  4. Not A Troll says:

    Becuase they still smell like pussy.

  5. Miss. Slither says:

    Because f*cking mothers

  6. Untapped Happiness says:

    In the womb there is a baby Victoria Secret that sells only one scent which
    is “new baby” smell. Conspiracy, you say… Evidence you may ask… Well
    the store is destroyed and discretely hidden among after-birth.

  7. Michaela Moxley says:

    White people smh

  8. brett stover says:

    because you apparently find them tasty. I have had kids and they never have
    smelled good

  9. Mason Wilkins says:

    I have sniffed many babies thankyou for the explanations

  10. Xx_ Joker_xX says:

    Sniffing babies is apparently a thing….

  11. MBA PLAYA says:

    Babies comes out from ur moms pussy that’s why

  12. Dan M says:

    ew human baby smell?

    puppy smell yes.

  13. motownflame says:

    This is sort of weird but in my experience babies poop and then they smell
    like poop. Apparently none of you have ever changed a fucking diaper. Maybe
    one day you will become adults.

  14. Chūi says:

    I actually never liked that smell…

  15. Gaby Paniagua says:

    Why does our stomach hurt when we laugh too much?

  16. mhepfer21 says:

    have you ever smelled one with a loaded diaper it’s not too good

  17. Tingle says:

    BIOSEX Females and BIOSEX Males. Or did we forget that BS?

  18. Banane Wane says:

    IMO, babies smell awful, especially when the scent gets into your clothes
    and you take the disgusting fucking odour home with you.

  19. Billybob Crazy says:

    New baby smell is the smell of ether wipes or pu**y