Why Do We Get Nosebleeds?

Why Do We Get Nosebleeds?

One moment, you’re fine. The next, moment it seems like your nose is recreating a scene from The Shining. Why do we get nosebleeds?

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20 Responses

  1. Sidley Rabbie says:

    I live in Wisconsin. Never had a nosebleed in my life. My gf however gets nosebleeds all the time and I have had my face punched and still nothing.

  2. Parvati1981 says:

    I used to get them pretty often when I was a kid. I wonder why I rarely get them anymore….

  3. SHF // ShadowHunterFi says:

    Lol i dont get nosebleeds i thing i’ve gotten only like 5 in my entire life

  4. Chewy V says:

    I have never had a nose bleed, but I gave my gf a nose bleed when I threw a ball at her face when we were little

  5. AnyaMarie says:

    I get nosebleeds really easily (caused by a blood vessel unusually close to the surface), in one of my worst episodes I had ten nosebleeds in three days, and it got so bad that the doctor cauterized the inside of my nose… and it didn’t help at all.

  6. MichaelWorldOne says:

    why do I get nosebleeds when it is really hot outside? summertime.

  7. Sarah Zatolokin says:

    I’ve never had the kind of nosebleed where it drips out of my nose before. I’ve had a little on the tissue but that’s all I’ve experienced. And I’ve always wondered why because I have pretty bad congestion and allergy issues my whole life. Would having had my adenoids removed at a young age have anything to do with it?

  8. Holiday gd says:

    I actually don’t get nosebleeds. I don’t think I’ve ever had one… I didn’t even know it was common, or that people got them just randomly. Weird.

  9. Kayla Uzlik says:

    I’ve never gotten a nose bleed but my friend gets them all the time because it’s so sensitive

  10. Nicolas Schaffer says:

    The best way I found for me was to just pinch hard with something absorbent and when I didn’t have a cloth or anything I would put a good amount of pressure on the most upper part of my nostral just under the beginning of the skull. This would help a great deal. But everyone is different.

  11. Jacob Henrie-Naffaa says:

    Deadass i was watching youtube cuz i had a nosebleed and this was trending

  12. Your Mom says:

    I used to get nosebleeds like everyday and for 2 hours it sucked

  13. Zara Ahmed says:

    I have never had a nosebleed. for real. Even when I hit my nose my eyes get tears but no bleeding

  14. L. Ross says:

    Never had a nose bleed. Even in iraq where its dry as all heck. #MucusGameStrong

  15. Meskarune says:

    When I lived in the desert I got nose blood bleeds all the time. I prefer more humid places to live.

  16. friesxnxcoke says:

    I have never had one but my son gets them often. We also live in Texas so we are used to dry air.

  17. POOCHINAWA says:

    i live in the niagara region, protected from certain types of scary weather, and SINFULLY HUMID. i feel very sheltered :p

  18. Simon when he fell On his face says:

    I don’t get nose bleeds

  19. Kelley Pearson says:

    Nose bleeds can also be cause by stress

  20. Gia Halo says:

    One time I had like 5 or 6 nosebleeds in a day . I had a cold and my nose was really dry . The thing is I have had colds wayyyy worse than that and my nose was really dry but I didn’t have a nose bleed .

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