Why Don’t We – Cold In LA [Official Music Video]

Why Don’t We – Cold In LA [Official Music Video]

Cold In LA Out Now: http://whydntwe.co/coldinLA

Directed by David Loeffler + Henry Lipatov: https://instagram.com/henrylipatov



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48 Responses

  1. Cookie Monster says:

    Who else got chills? Only me? Ok.

  2. Trinity Moppin says:

    2:39 when you see one of the boys post a fire picture ?

  3. Malea Johnson says:

    My replay button broke. This is such a good song!

  4. caleb says:

    dang this new frozen 2 movie looks so good

  5. Krisma Hafidyah says:

    The boys: You’re lookin’ at me, you’d be fine
    3:05 – 3:14
    Limelights: I’m definitely not fine!

  6. Brooklynn Ziegler says:

    Now this is what you call perfection. And Damn my babies be lookin hot asf. ??❤

  7. Star Gazer124 says:

    Who else just fell a little more in love with them?

  8. lea dragonfly says:

    Shawn Mendes: cold in California
    Why Don’t We: cold in LA

  9. Kassidy Watts says:

    There smiles…I can’t?

    I’ve never cried so much✌????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Sabrina Ramsay says:

    Where all my day 1 limelights at???❤

  11. Sabrina Ramsay says:

    That girl kissing Jonah highkey left me jealous???

  12. Connie Marie says:

    Okay why is no one talking about Jack, like can we just take a moment to appreciate this guy ??

  13. Maidah_1234 says:

    Okay get a hold of yourself I think this is for Jonah as he’s from Minnesota where it’s really cold and now lives in LA? And big plans was for Corbyn because he has a fascination with maths and science

  14. Nina says:

    *Big plans have left the chat*

    Just kidding in love with both ?

  15. jazcara maxvoysey says:

    How dare this girl kiss JONAH?!?!

  16. jazcara maxvoysey says:

    Did anyone notice they were sitting on the W of Hollywood sign as in
    Why don’t we

  17. 0 0 says:

    I’m in love with the video concept and Jonah’s expressions while he was melting haha. And don’t get me started on how good these boys looked ???

  18. Pamela Chimborazo says:

    Omg this song is trending number 2 in the U.S.!!!

  19. Anna the creative individual says:

    Holy guacamole! That moment when she kissed him and he was brought back to life was beautiful! It looks so artistic ❤️ Good job guys!!!!

  20. Edwin Honoret says:

    Am I dumb or were they actually on the Hollywood sign, i-. But y’all saw the way Jack’s eyes sparkled in the video. MWUAH.

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