Why Earth Is A Prison and How To Escape It

Why Earth Is A Prison and How To Escape It

We are trapped on earth. Controlled by an ancient debt to the universe…

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20 Responses

  1. re:define says:

    Why School Is A Prison and How To Escape It

  2. Sormtrooper #1675964 says:

    As a KSP player, I can say that this is accurate.

  3. Lord Pigeon says:

    Who is watching this in 12017?

  4. Derek Rohen says:

    Who else thinks Kurzgesagt should make a TV show someday? :D

  5. Evelin Hernandez says:

    4:00 banana for scale ?

  6. Brian Sanchez says:

    Five words: Kerbal Space Program

  7. Catam Vanitas says:

    Are we really seeing gravity or Earth as a prison?
    Am I the only one who likes to STAY on Earth?
    Space is space, not the next level in our video game guys…

  8. David McGhee says:

    So the Universe built a wall and made us pay for it?

  9. A tasty onion says:

    “Earth is a sphere”

    [Serious doubt]

  10. William Lag says:

    Proof the animator is a 9gagger 4:00 ( banana for scale )

  11. Matt gg says:

    NASA admits it can’t escape earth orbit even in 2016.. so soo much for the
    moon landings lol

    Edit.. I’m talking about manned crafts ffs.. I thought some of u would you
    understand that but evidently not

  12. Valentin Nagy says:

    4:33 Markiplier’s fanart bird!

  13. Far Asap says:

    but can i escape my crippling depression?

  14. ViolentDelights56 James says:

    Did you know that the Earth is 6,000 years old and that it is the center of
    the entire universe! Well how about that.

  15. NullBones says:

    If earth is circle why not ostraliens go aaaaaa and fall and die????

  16. Trash Can says:

    Duh, time to upgrade to Spaceships. Stop allocating all the technology
    points to military, and put some into Spaceships so we can unlock it.

  17. abloogywoogywoo says:

    Earth is an oasis in a desert. The universe is 99.99999999…9%
    inhospitable to life. To want to escape it, you’d have to be mad.

  18. I Am God? says:

    Gravity and rockets. There. That’s the entire video, I just saved you 7
    minutes of flashy animations, metaphors and scientific vocabulary. You’re

  19. Dannyboy 17_ says:

    Why don’t you just catapult the rocket made out of glass its transparent
    gravity won’t see it

  20. Noothan says:

    The flat earth society has members all around the world.