Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you

Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you

If we can slow the virus down, it could save hundreds of thousands of lives.

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In March 2020, the World Health Organization officially classified Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, as a pandemic. That means the disease no longer constitutes just an outbreak or even an epidemic; the coronavirus has now spread around the world, and will continue to reach into other countries and communities.

That’s in part because of how contagious the virus is. When you’re infected with the flu, it takes about two days before you start to show symptoms. But coronavirus symptoms take an average of five to six days to appear, so it’s easy to spread well before you notice that you’re feeling sick. Many people are spreading it while going about their daily lives as usual.

The risk is that once coronavirus starts to spread in a community, about 20% of cases are severe and may require hospitalization. As those cases multiply, hospitals can fill up quickly. And people with severe cases of COVID-19 who can’t receive proper medical attention are at a much higher risk of dying.

Ideally, we would be able to stop the virus from spreading entirely. We can’t do that right now. What we can do is slow it down, so that the severe cases get spread out over a longer period of time, and hospitals are less likely to be overwhelmed on any given day. And that’s where each one of us comes in. The best way to slow down the spread is for everyone — healthy, sick, young, old — to limit social contact as much as possible, immediately. This is called social distancing, and it only works if enough of us do it. But if we do, it could mean the difference between the life and death of someone you know.

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85 Responses

  1. Izzy Park says:

    I hope people realize how tough this is for separated families
    Especially for those whose family members are working in COVID-19 hospitals

    • Moonlight babe says:

      Izzy Park Thanks, the doctor told her that even though she tested negative to not come to school today and now we won’t have school until April 24th at the least starting tomorrow. We had the highest number of cases until today when New York jumped from 500 cases to 900 😰 (I’m in Washington)

    • Izzy Park says:

      Moonlight babe ohh I hope you stay healthy!

    • Skyler Dutton says:

      Yeah, my big brother is a Nurse in the ER out in Iowa. It hasn’t blown up there yet but once it does I’ll be really concerned for him and his staff.

    • Izzy Park says:

      Skyler Dutton oh wow it’s rly brave of him to stay and work! I hope he’s well!

    • Moonlight babe says:

      Izzy Park thank you I’ll try 😷

  2. MrSucc says:

    It would have been funny if he said, “it has multiplied 19-fold.”

  3. Reina says:

    China: Everyone, wear masks!
    Italy: No more museums!
    Iran: Close all the schools!


    *UK: Let’s just put posters everywhere and tell everyone to wash their hands*

  4. Spectacular Spaghetti says:

    Coronavirus: *reaches Greenland*

    Gamers: No. Impossible.

  5. Dynalmite says:

    “If people are sufficiently worried, then there’s a lot less to worry about. If no one is worried, that’s when you should worry.” -3Blue1Brown

    • Timothy :D !!! says:

      Oh my god im subscribed to that channep

    • Riley Stewart says:

      sounds like an interesting Diffeq problem. I wonder what the our steady state will be.

    • Maui Lawrence Angeles says:

      it’s ok to worry but not to panic

    • Richard Ericson says:


    • cameron taylor says:

      Pierre TheTRex the biggest problem facing humanity besides QARAN-A-VIRUS is cognitive dissonance…. and this comment is a perfect representation of it! The absolute self justified denial of reality! Wearing ‘rose colored glasses’… using what seems to be clever and genius philosophical statements (which are nothing more than egotistical driven nonsense)to take no responsibility in ones own life!

  6. Titia Hailey says:

    Schools are canceled to slow the spread of COVID 19. Parents: “ Well let’s go on a road trip and celebrate St. Patties day with 100’s of other people!”

  7. Yob Ekorb says:

    On behalf of all the antisocial people who don’t leave their house like me, I will do my part!

  8. Simon Eminger says:

    Watching this from Austria: I, as EVERY Austrian as well, am not allowed to even go outside of my house, except for
    a) buying groceries and other necessities
    b) going to work, but ONLY if it’s necessary (doctors, nurses, supermarket cashiers, food delivery)
    c) helping other people getting necessities (without meeting them, f.ex. shopping groceries and then leaving it in front of the door)
    d) going out for a walk, but only alone or with someone who’s living in my house as well.
    I am not allowed to meet anyone. In a grocery store, I must stay at least 1m away from anyone else and I am asked to pay cashless.
    All restaurants, cinemas, playgrounds… are closed, universities, schools and kindergardens as well, students have to learn from home(only children of people who are needed to work are allowed to go to school). The police enforces all of that
    The government funds the income of those who aren’t allowed to work and can’t work from home, it also provides aides to small businesses.
    Young men who have been in Zivil- or Wehrdienst (at around 18 all men have to serve the military for 6months or a charity like the ambulance providers for 9 months) recently, are asked to re-enter it and those men are signing up in large scales to help their communities.
    Bottom line: IT WORKS, the growth of infected people slows down drastically.
    Wake up America and be disciplined!

    • eduard zaharia says:

      Simon Eminger And Wake-up Sweden

    • Suadela says:

      Sadly, America is more afraid of socialism than this virus and the safety net for people living paycheck to paycheck is non existent. I’m in agreement with you in that those measures work, but America isn’t going to do that. Hopefully the cities will but I’m not going to hold my breath. I just hope I can pay rent.

    • Oliver says:

      The US will not do this effectively and as a result they will spread the virus to many other countries

    • Renee Poirier says:

      Simon Eminger thank you for sharing this.

    • Ed Thoreum says:

      For how long?

  9. George Caplin says:

    Senior health reporter: “mild pneumonia”. What the hell’s mild pneumonia?

  10. LNES Smith says:

    We’re all in this together don’t worry we’ve got this! Stay safe everyone

  11. Your creepy Uncle says:

    I think you forgot about schools and borris Johnson so we kids cannot prevent ourselves from catching it

  12. Justin Fernandes says:

    4:37 “to slow the virus down you need to act as if you already have it”

    and this is what people need to understand!!!!

  13. Ayşe Demirci says:

    “Social Distancing” never would have thought that my lifestyle could potentially save the world

  14. Strikeromg Gamer says:

    I feel like whenever someone reveals a place where there isn’t YET confirmed Coronavirus ppl with corona would go there

  15. IrKeeg says:

    Declared a Pandemic – people: all together at the stores buying everything while touching each other and all the places people touched too. This cattle 🐄 behavior isn’t new, but I thought by now we knew better. I was wrong.

    • краљ планина says:

      Stop being so arrogant. People are afraid, they have trauma of past shortages and while this isn’t right behavior, it’s perfectly logical considering their experience from past disasters

    • Daniel Castillo says:

      Right? People are acting like wild animals and like we didn’t evolve to be the superior species. We certainly aren’t showing our superiority based on how poorly we’ve handled this situation so far.

  16. HENRY WALRUS says:

    Thank you for explaining this clearer than any politician has!!!! Everyone should watch this.
    Vox, you are amazing <3

  17. Åsa S says:

    Hey, YouTube algorithms.

    Put this in everyone´s recommended _now_ .
    Not sometime in like August 2024…

  18. MegaPS3Gamer says:

    It would be easy to stay home if the U.S, Gov’t actually had a plan for people to stay home. People need to pay mortgages that require us to be at the job site.

    • murro says:

      Neoquaker1 It won’t get passed. That universal income is if technology and automated machines replace people’s jobs. Technology hasn’t come that far and why would you force yourself on a 1,000 income, that won’t pay an mortgages.

    • gimmiepig says:

      Recnet Eno I get it. You fear not paying your bills. Totally understandable, but not spreading the virus is the priority. There will be a lot of people who need financial help after it blows over. People will need to stand up to the corrupt government and Demand reasonable solutions, as a country. Whether it effected you or not we must demand that our neighbors get help. You can’t pay your bills if your dead.

    • Zach Bunch says:

      @murro no it was to be put in place BEFORE those things happened so everyone didnt become homeless overnight.

    • Daniel Castillo says:

      You guys should see how Australia is handling this. It’s really amazing to see what the government can do for their people.

    • Mari Star says:

      You can still go to work. Those that CAN work from home obviously should definitely do that. What is important is that after work you don’t go out to the pub or the cinema. You try constantly to have 1 meter distance “as good as you can”from other people. Of course most people can’t just isolate themselves indoors for months, and they shouldn’t. Just try your absolutely best to avoid people AS GOOD AS YOU CAN

  19. AuraOfKraken says:

    And yet, there’s still people waiting in huge lines to buy toilet paper

  20. Angie - 3 - says:

    The fact that I could cause someone’s death… Scares me

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