Why Hollywood keeps making terrible sequels

Why Hollywood keeps making terrible sequels

2016 has been a record-setting year for terrible movie sequels.

Vox’s Zachary Crockett breaks down the worst sequels of the past 20 years: http://www.vox.com/2016/7/1/12070048/resurgence-independence-day-bad-movie-sequel

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20 Responses

  1. BlueMask says:

    Dear god pray for the next 28 days later movie

  2. Eats free samples at Costco & leaves nothing for u says:

    Age of Ultron

    Nuff said.

  3. Krombopulos Michael says:

    Comparing the average sequel to the average original is a ridiculous
    metric. There are tons of low-key originals never meant to have sequels at
    all and almost all of the time, the films that get sequels are either big
    blockbusters or surprise hits that raked in a lot of money themselves. Why
    would anyone make that comparison instead of comparing sequels to their own
    predecessors or comparing cost/revenue ratios of sequels to other films?

  4. segasaturns m/ says:

    is it that hard to write a script and read it? i cant take this guy
    seriously talking like a teenage girl

  5. Phresh Ideas + Designs says:

    I have no problems with sequels if the storytelling and acting are good.
    There’s been a lot of successful sequels over the decades.

  6. fatupha says:

    Well, you make it seem like a “successful movie” against a “failure” is
    basically defined by its critic raiting, which is so false.
    And the recent developments are in fact, that people are sick of (bad)
    sequels, escpecially those of bad movies to begin with. Just look at this
    summer’s box office.

  7. shitttalkin allday says:

    God the voice over is so bad. this could have been a 2 minute video

  8. kate alpaca says:

    i miss vox on snapchat

  9. Diljot Garcha says:

    Small mistake: you listed Captain America: Civil War as the sequel to
    Captain America: The First Avenger. When the sequel is really Captain
    America: The Winter Solider.

  10. Ben Wilson says:


  11. Forcingmetouseafakename Remindsmeofmcrsoft says:

    Vox could’d save us some time and made a 1 second video saying “money”
    And please don’t ever let that guy do narration again, ever! (he sounded
    like half asleep- half dead)

  12. Alberts stuff says:

    Jaws 2

  13. dakkx says:

    is it just me or does the guy say “like” a lot?

  14. MOVIE MANIACS says:

    At least sequels are better than reboots. Ummm Ghostbusters

  15. GRAND MUDDER says:

    the real reason is because if the 1st movie is rlly gd then people would
    think the second one would be good too , so the people who make the movie
    dont care about the secound sequal because ethier ways the people will
    watch it because they will think its good because of the 1st movie is good.

  16. Max Đỗ says:

    Money money money MUNAY!

  17. Walkin' Phoenix says:

    Make another one!!

  18. Copernicus says:

    once the first move reaches a success , the film makers thinks that the
    sequal will be watched because of the name of the movie. as a result , they
    dont bother to spend money to make a good movie. this is the reason

  19. Emmanuel Styles says:

    It’s like creativity died in the 90’s

  20. CafeNightster says:

    Everyone knows already, Its the Cash ?!!! They milk it, then when it won’t
    produce anymore milk, they butcher it.