why I disappeared

why I disappeared

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  1. Connor Pugs says:

    The whole not having a lot of important irl stuff for YouTube success tradeoff is something that I think almost every youtuber can relate to but I’ve never seen it spoken about. Thanks for dropping this video instead of simply disappearing. Wish you the best in whatever you do next

  2. Brandon Holze says:

    Your channel doesn’t come first, you do. I’m glad that you’re going through this journey of self reflection. Thanks for the many months of laughs and smiles. Take care, man.

  3. nico says:

    Can I just start with the fact that this video changed me. Like i’ve also had a hard ass year, maybe different but i get the social aspect it’s hard and lonely and you feel lost. Thank you boffy for this honestly. Every boffy video is just on a whole different level. I don’t care if he leaves to become the best he can because at the end of the day that’s all that matters. boffy will always be my favorite you tuber his videos are just unique and have an element that i can’t explain. no matter what happens i will always appreciate his content.

    • ryver says:

      same.. last year I also had to take a couple months off from school for mental health stuff, and I have been struggling so much

  4. Sergio Pozuelo says:

    Whether this is a “goodbye” or a “see you later” I’m glad you’re okay and on the path to become a better person

  5. Henry C. says:

    As at teenager who has also struggled with mental health over the last few years, I have to congratulate you. Admitting something like that in front of any type of audience takes inconceivable strength and courage. I want you to know that I am happy for you to be finding your identity and I wish you nothing but success and happiness. Thank you, Josh.

  6. Rysight Gaming says:

    Thank you boffy for at least giving us closure, you’re all good man and just make sure that you do you.

  7. Sarah Baxton says:

    Do what you need to do dude. Whether or not you come back, we’re all praying for you to be in the best state possible.

  8. L A Z U R I N I T Y says:

    as a fellow adrenaline junkie i can confirm that the sweet sweet taste of imminent death can make you forget even the heaviest of shit, im glad you’re able to focus on what you actually want rather than what works for you financially, and as someone a few years ahead of you I can say that as long as you do what you enjoy everything will work out fine eventually! (and ngl the mtb/skiing videos or channel would be really rad to see in my opinion)

  9. ChrisGotDeleted says:

    Thank you so much for all the entertainment you’ve provided us over the past couple years. You have no idea how much laughter you’ve brought some of us over the past couple years, and also how much a lot of us needed to hear this. If we do never see you again, then thank you for everything, whether I’m talking to Boffy or Josh, and I wish you good luck on your future endeavors. <3

  10. Chloe Goode says:

    It’s fine, thank you for the months of laughs and smiles!And just remember even when your not on your channel you have at least millions of people that support you.I hope you can get trough your tough time successfully and with no speed bumps. Goodbye boffy..❤️♥️

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