Why I don’t play Minecraft skywars…

Why I don’t play Minecraft skywars…

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Outro music: Snail house- I secretly love u

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26 Responses

  1. DINO 711 says:

    Playing minecraft on xbox in a nutshell

  2. ChunkyChimp says:

    It’s not hacks he made a good parkour jump

  3. EC SLIME TIME says:

    Me: hehe
    Also me: * hears backround*

    Backround: mAcORoNi aND chIckEn stiRiPS

  4. PhillipsGaming says:

    This always happens but I keep getting myself frustrated 🙄😅

  5. Bob Sherwood says:

    The elite four theme was perfect for this lol

  6. Bruce McGinley says:

    *makes a three jump block around a 1 wide wall*

    “wOaH hOW dID hE dO tHAt?!”

  7. Donovan O'Brien says:

    That has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit

  8. Kori Wilkes says:

    The background is just *chefs kiss*

    I wanna die like that.

    *Me casually dying *

    My ringtone: Macaroni? And the chicken strips?

  9. Dawg the Undying says:

    “I saw this kid, it was just the other day…”

  10. Wøłfíę Püppęt says:

    “How’d he do that then?”
    The bg: MaCcArOnI aNd ChIcKeN sTrIpS

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