Why Isn’t It Faster To Fly West?

Why Isn’t It Faster To Fly West?

If the earth is spinning to the east at 1000 miles per hour… why can’t we fly west more easily?
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20 Responses

  1. rurzan says:

    Earth not only spins around its axis, but rotates around the Sun. But when
    you jump up, the ground doesn’t escape from beneath you with the
    astronomical speed of Earth orbiting the Sun. And the Solar System is not
    the end of the story – it moves around the center of the galaxy, and our
    galaxy also moves relative to other galaxies. So the type of thinking where
    Earth would rotate beneath an airplane would lead to all kinds of madness.

  2. Kenneth Studstill says:

    Wouldn’t going east be slightly more efficient because the increased
    centrifugal force would help counteract the force of gravity?

  3. necrom666 says:

    But once reaching a certain altitude this airship being spun around with
    the earth surface would begin to break down. At what altitude would they
    start to decouple? Or is the earth really flat?

  4. beeble2003 says:

    I’ve no idea why you assume that planes fly at 100mph. That’s as gross an
    error as assuming that people are 10 metres tall.

  5. Darin Warren says:

    How high up is “the air” not moving?

  6. Marter TM says:

    Yea, and water is wet…

  7. Jesús Vela says:

    I never thought about this, a really interesting question

  8. Sena Chandrahera says:

    at 1:10 so you’re basically telling me that its faster to fly east than

  9. kazimierz198 says:

    The same reason why a fly hovering inside a car going at 100 km/h doesn’t
    have to be actually flying at that speed (unless the car is a convertible).

  10. Dr.RubberFace says:

    What would happen if you stood perfectly still in the middle of North Pool
    and Earth stopped all of a sudden. Would fall or something else would

  11. Wormweed says:

    Why would anyone think this in the first place? If the earth moved, but not
    the air, then we would have 1000 mph winds…

  12. Norman (imsoaaronly) says:

    If the air spins with the world, and the plane flys faster to the east than
    that must mean that the illuminati are real. This shiz just got real

  13. Mariano Zielinski says:

    It’d be great if you guys put the metric values too. At leat just in the
    drawing or something. MPH has no meaning to us that use metric, and all
    that data is lost on us :/

  14. Andrew Meyer says:

    Me: * Reads the title. * … “WTF?”

  15. xsabirx says:

    if the plane flies west then does a nose dive there is no movement of the
    earth proving that the earth is not moving and is flat

  16. moniker127 says:

    That doesn’t make any sense. Theres no such thing as absolute motion.

  17. Elizabeth Klein says:

    I tried to listen to this without watching. … Nope. None of it computed.

  18. Kristen Jawn says:

    I dont know if it was in purpose but I saw that 3:14 as a hint towards Pi

  19. rickmcn1986 says:

    You people have not understood this: flat earther usually are illuminati
    disinfo agents used to make real conspiracy exposers look bad.

  20. Daniel Snellings says:

    I love your videos. Though lately many of the topics have been very basic.
    I’d like to see some videos on more complicated topics that actually help
    to understand the material, like the old relatively videos.