Why I’ve Been Lying About My Life.

Why I’ve Been Lying About My Life.

Sometimes a handbag is more than a handbag…
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39 Responses

  1. Maria Mersenne says:

    This is the first video in a long time I’ve stayed and watched all the way to the end because I felt a connection that I haven’t felt in the other videos. Share more about yourself please! You’re super interesting and giving your audience the ability to feel a connection with you will make them more engaged and want to come back and see more!

  2. chrisy5551 says:

    coming from shanes videos and omg I’ve never been a viewer before but i love your content its really nice to see how you’ve updated it all

  3. Kilooanak says:

    Shane really opened her up✨

  4. Allie Cary says:

    I’m very proud of you bunny.

  5. Hollye Rorabaugh says:

    Girl we live together in the same city. I saw the Shane video. We should go get Starbucks. Everyone was like go be her friend I’m like I would meet her at a Starbucks lol!

  6. Hollye Rorabaugh says:

    Your awesome we’re very similar and I love meeting the real you in your videos. Like with Shane. Let’s do real talks and you’ve been sooo nice the whole time on YouTube when u first stared now I saw a change but who cares ab haters right? We got you!

  7. Kevin O'Riordan says:

    2.3 million views in *one day* actual *QUEEN* plus love the bag💞

  8. Achraf Zbairi says:

    Thank shane for helping her everybody

  9. Sweet_irish_whispers ASMR says:

    For the last year you haven’t popped up in my sub box.. When I saw you in Shane’s video it made me mad that YouTube has hidden you away. You are super!!!! A breath of fresh air x

  10. L!l Føxy says:

    Who here likes Shane Dawson?! 😉

  11. Not Patrick Burns says:


  12. Cecily Durán says:

    Please always keep true to yourself!! Don’t worry about us out here rejecting what you’re passions are, honey the ones who matter don’t mind, and the ones who mind… those folks don’t matter because quality over quantity and I love your true humanity you’re showing here. Keep sharing your truest self, we are here supporting you and all of you!!

  13. ZoLexa says:

    So happy that Shane is helping you <3 you don’t deserve to feel like this 🙁

  14. Katherine Medina says:

    Her background looks like a Renaissance painting

  15. Sharon Pearson says:

    I’ve been watching you for 2 years. Silently of course (stalker alert!)
    But I feel this is the most real you I’ve ever seen. Well done Bunny. We all evolve and metamorphosis. Good to see you show a little more real you. It suits you 🙂
    Show it more often

  16. Kiwi yaya says:


  17. Little Nargle says:

    Bunny we aren’t going to judge you for how expensive something it is, it’s just amazing to see you passionate about something so that’s all I care about! Have fun, feel your oats, and people who are going to judge you are people you shouldn’t want in your life anyway! From one weirdo to another, I love you <3

  18. Bonnie Dixon says:

    Shane’s advice was spot on. We want to know about your life. Makes a connection for us, to u. So thank u!
    Had no idea my Swamp queen palette was made in collab w u!! I am looking forward to watching and getting to know you. ♡ Sending good vibes your way!!

  19. cEverything says:

    That hair accessory reminds me of the statue of liberty 😀

  20. anna g smith says:

    you’re so beautiful and real and such a good person😭❤️

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