Why Magnesium Fires are SO BAD!

Why Magnesium Fires are SO BAD!

In this video we’re exploring the properties of magnesium and why water can’t put it out.

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37 Responses

  1. Otreas says:

    What if you make magnesium powered rocket?

    • Kumquat Lord says:

      Not really practical. Magnesium burns bright yes, but it’s not very energetic when compared to other fuels

    • GastCyning says:

      @Kumquat Lordput it in some water while burning in a confined space and you could probably get some thrust, but not really enough to do much with

  2. Pool chocolate bar Net says:

    Hey man – try pouring molten magnesium into a buckets of water ,liquid nitrogen, gas , and cryofluid

  3. Tiffany Leffler says:

    *looks Outdoors into neighbor’s backyard* what crazy thing are they doing now *See’s fire* 911 there’s a fire outdoors in my neighbor’s yard

  4. AnimalRacer3 says:

    You should put melting magnesium in liquid oxygen

  5. NicoGJ says:

    Try putting out the magnesium with liquid nitrogen?
    Try making the magnesium even brighter with liquid oxygen

  6. retarded libtard says:

    Uses water to make fire brighter
    Brilliant outstanding move

    • Alex Buyita says:

      The Apocalypse the oxygen in the water I’m going to guess bc it’s hot enough to evaporate it instantly

    • GastCyning says:

      @The ApocalypseI’m a sailor, so I’ve been through DC classes where we learn about fires. When magnesium burns, it creates magnesium oxide, as they said in the video. What they didn’t say is that when the magnesium oxide comes in contact with water vapor, it reacts, creating magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. Burning magnesium has a very violent reaction with hydrogen gas, which creates more heat and light. It’s the reason we just have to jettison (throw overboard) burning aircraft and other class D (metal) fires. Also, fun fact, magnesium doesn’t require outside oxygen to burn, so those jettisoned aircraft can potentially burn under the water for years

    • CJ Lilac says:

      They would pour water on a oil fire

  7. Anthony Williams says:

    I really like all of your guys videos and they’re great you should try cooking steak with magnesium powder

  8. HaZeY says:

    What if u put magnesium dust in ur sand blaster and blow it into a torch

  9. Ur Mum says:

    How people describe me:
    “Insanely white, insanely bright”

  10. Austin The Plug says:

    fun fact : magnesium is used as underwater torches by divers .

  11. jayden Lambertus says:

    10:04 Nate almost summoned the devil what type of demonic ritual stuff is this!

  12. David O'Brien says:

    Zim: “I put the fire out..”
    Tallest: “You made them worse!”
    Zim: “Worse, or better?”

  13. isaac moreno says:

    nate: **sees magnesium on fire**

    nate: GET THE HOSE

  14. Andy and his Academics says:

    “can’t tell if you’re breaking the metal or your hands”


  15. Michael Whitehead says:

    You should mix shavings of this into protto putty and light it up

  16. Pineapple Dots says:

    burn magnesium in liquid oxygen
    and make your own magnesium sparkler for july 4th

  17. Arrafai 112 says:

    Pray for the people in Texas tornado watch ??

  18. EthoTheBoss C says:

    Random wizard: “What is your wand’s core? Is it unicorn hair?”
    Callie: “Nope! It’s MAGNESIUM!

  19. wack wack says:


    TKOR:let’s use Magnesium to make liquid sunlight

  20. Lee Dao says:

    “We going to be wearing wielding mask” continues to wear sunglasses for the rest of the video

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