Why new diseases keep appearing in China

Why new diseases keep appearing in China

And why COVID-19 was bound to happen.

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As of early March 2020, a new coronavirus, called COVID-19, is in more than 70 countries and has killed more than 3,100 people, the vast majority in China. That’s where the virus emerged back in December 2019. This isn’t a new phenomenon for China; in 2003, the SARS virus also emerged there, and under similar circumstances, before spreading around the world and killing nearly 800.

Both SARS and COVID-19 are in the “coronavirus” family, and both appear to have emerged from animals in China’s notorious wildlife markets. Experts had long predicted that these markets, known to be potential sources of disease, would enable another outbreak. The markets, and the wildlife trade that supports them, are the underlying problem of these pandemics; until China solves that problem, more are likely to emerge.

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Further reading:
Peter Li: https://www.scmp.com/comment/opinion/article/3047828/first-sars-now-wuhan-coronavirus-heres-why-china-should-ban-its
Peter Daszak, EcoAlliance: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/28/science/bats-coronavirus-Wuhan.html
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72 Responses

  1. Unknown 1 says:

    All of these deaths due to that one market…

  2. Mj Arnaldo says:


  3. Nav Sohanpaul says:

    *Finally, someone makes a video discussing the fact that Chinese wet markets are dangerous without being racist* . Thank you!

  4. ThatOneOreo says:

    People with the cold: Today I don’t feel like doing anything.

    People with Coronavirus: *The Grand Tour*

    • Skrillah says:


    • Itsuki says:

      They somehow do a grand tour while theyre asymptomatic, but dont do it whn theyre not

    • ResidentOrama says:

      Ive seem this comment 6 times already

    • Vincent Tseng says:

      Luckily people in China has raised enough awareness during this tough time. Spring festival is like thanksgiving in the US, which makes it very difficult for people not to go out and gather with family. But with this virus, once everyone got home people stayed in and refused to meet their relatives even if they appeared out of the door

  5. M19Xisrupt says:

    Its literally wildlife animals that haven’t been consumed by humans as much before, you start eating these wild animals & you discover more infections that comes with them

  6. Ebros says:

    I’ll pass on the “wet market” and stick to good ol’ American GMO.

    • The kelo says:

      +Ebros gmo causes cancer

    • Itsuki says:

      @Hao Zhang he sounds like hes vegan

    • Gabriele Mariotti says:

      Or maybe you just eat normal food like in most european country. there is choice between GMO and Wet markets….

    • Acoustic Guitar says:

      @Gabriele Mariotti wow “normal food” like in Europe? That’s like implying European food is the “right” food and everywhere else is “wrong”. Normal is relative to the region and accepted societal norms. Eating seals in alaska by eskimos maybe normal there… eating snails in France maybe normal there… and so on. Wish people would stop and think before posting.

  7. liz says:

    Imagine how this could have been prevented if Wuhan Market didn’t exist and other markets selling exotic or wild animals wasn’t a thing-

    • PowerOf One says:

      learn how to research or are you a dis info agent?

    • Eri Narvadez says:

      @hugo xu from a country that have a festival dedicated slaughtering large scale of dogs for consumption, and you guys call it normal “lychee and dog meat festival” 10 days of slaughtering. uh yeah.

    • marriedtoyoongi x says:

      How many lives could have been saved if it simply didn’t exist…

    • Mak says:

      Lol.. You’re telling us to imagine the effect if there was no cause

  8. Bogdan Veklych says:

    In America, you have a right to bear arms. In China, you have a right to bear farms!

  9. Trin says:

    Wet markets need to be shut down. They are awful for animals first of all and absolutely unsanitary.

    • Acoustic Guitar says:

      @cheng kuok Lee reallllly Cheng? That’s the whole reason there’s an outbreak.

    • Fariha chowdhury says:

      Can’t they farm chickens only ???? Do you have to eat garbage ??? But it’s not the people’s fault it’s their government’s. But can’t they stop eating these? ? If it won’t sell it won’t produce 😠😠😠

  10. SpaceRock says:

    it happened in the past and now still no change. are they waiting for things to get worse? come on chinese government!

    • randombro89 says:

      SpaceRock They restrict the Chinese people’s freedom heavily but not in this area I think the Chinese government should ban any wet market

    • Ken Kwan says:

      It’s ok for the Chinese government to get worse, just make sure the rest of the world are not infected

    • Every Word Is A Made-Up Word says:

      @Ken Kwan the CCP will sacrifice anyone for them to stay in power, and now that the WHO is on their payroll, they can get away with it again and again

  11. Emily Moss says:

    “Bear” and “Farm” are words I never thought I’d hear used together. “Bear Farm” sounds like the name of a Monty Python sketch.

    • Dab Marino says:

      Man Bear Pig farm

    • Awesome Cosmopolite says:

      Definitely the first time for me to know the expression “bear farm”.

    • Angel Grace says:

      If you are shock, dont be. Not only this they eat on a regular basis, they eat almost all. Imagine in your Soup Bowl a powder of Sea Horse to enhance the flavor of a soup. Yes they also catch this poor little creature.

  12. WaffleEBay12 says:

    IDK, maybe they should permanently ban these wet markets that sell wildlife

  13. 58 fregate says:

    So basically it’s once again a government who decides to favor the rich over the majority that make us sick.

    • Neil Price says:

      Human society is always like this.

    • Eldon Moyo says:

      But the rich control the government, which means they are THE government.

    • Luxembourgish Empire says:

      But we are better than you! I mean you poor people are lazy! I see this all the time at my bank! I love the way the world works. If you want to be better than others then don’t be lazy and work. SIMPLE!

  14. Vignesh Rajan says:

    2020 Expectations : Flying car’s
    2020 Reality : “Bear Farm”

  15. El Cruzer55 says:

    Maybe now the Chinese will think twice before bringing more endangered species to extinction.

  16. supersaiyan god says:

    Sometimes i feel like viruses are there to protect animals from getting eaten and going extinct. Like a balancing act of nature.

  17. Willy Wonka says:

    Not only is this causing diseases it’s also killing endangered species

    • eric777100763 says:

      And why would that be a big issue at this time? I like animals too but I’m a little more worried about humans.

    • -Lιly - says:

      some species actually helped the enviroment, China is killing them making the enviroment worse and worse, making their enviroment nasty and well… just bad. Technically, its the humans fault the virus are spreading, its their fault to begin with. So yeah, I don’t feel bad for the humans that make that process happend, but i felt bad for the people who have nothing to do with killing the enviroment and getting the virus and also the animals/plants.

    • Pathetic John says:

      ????Their breeding them????

  18. S H says:

    Chinese government needs to ban animal slaughter outside regulated factories with strict regulation and ban exotic animal slaughter

    • Tony At Google says:

      Have you heard of ‘mad cow’ disease?

    • Xentradi97 says:

      Impossible when so much demand and money’s involved. I had no idea it was that big. It’s sad but it’ll take more than pandemic to stop eating or trading wild animals.

    • Mark An says:

      @James Yang Why not? Demand for extoic wild animals are very low and exist only for old people, and the excuse ‘its a tradition so we can’t ban it’ doesn’t make sense. Slavery was a tradition and we banned it. Whaling was a tradition and most countries banned it.

    • Astro says:

      As soon covid19 end they will soon start consuming wildlife again..they will never learn.

  19. Jabbir Ahmed says:

    That pangolin was like” if I’m going extinct I’m taking all of you with me”

    • Shally says:

      True. It’s like yall love eating animals eh? Well here are a couple of my viruses I was holding onto. Here take them as a departing gift from me. Lol
      Imagine if instead of a meat eating diet, they instead used these “wet market “space to grow plants/vegetables instead of meats. Problem solved. Now you have delicious virus free food

    • Jabbir Ahmed says:

      Shally right?

  20. MAC KASH says:

    In other words : Rich People ruin everything

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